3.5 inch handlebars.


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Hey guys, first time poster and new xs650 owner.

I'm planning on building it like a chopper during this summer and want to use the rabbit style handlebars.
During my research I found out that the "riser holes" on the top yoke are 100mm apart, wich will not fit alot of rabit style handlebars since these bars are 3.5 inches apart.
I found rabit style handlebars that works with the oem top yoke, but either they are not able to be shipped or the shipping price is just not worth it.

Do anyone know if there is a top yoke that accepts bars with a 3.5 inch width?
Or any other sulutions?
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What type do you want, chrome or black? If painted it would be easy enough to have a set modded to add that extra 7/16. Other than that you may need to get a custom upper made.
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Shadetree Surgeon on YouTube built an XS650 chopper. Even up close and personal, it’s a nice effort. It has what I believe are the rabbit ears you want. His bike got a Sportster front end.

The Sportster front end opens a lot of doors. Another friend used one on a wrecked 2001 Triumph Bonneville. His goal was to make the bike look like a Meridan Triumph.
Just make a set of offset drilled solid mounts for the stock XS650 top yoke.