A Cautionary Tale

sounds like a challange... ;)
You and Jim are formally invited to my place as entrants alongside me for the First Annual XS650 Master Link Loop-N-Pigtail Twist-Off Challenge.
I'll provide the pork sammiches and endless beer.

BAM !!!

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The A&Ps I hung around with showed me their additional step, a snap/jerk on the safety wire just before each final twist, to get rid of any residual bends, to get the wire to closely conform to safetyed parts, eliminating any slackness. Is that procedure taught, or just one of their field techniques?
Is that procedure taught, or just one of their field techniques?
Yeah, that's what I taught. I'm starting to think I should do a video on 'A&P to biker translation' for safetying techniques. As you alluded to before, it's an art form unto itself.... something A&P's take great pride in.
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Two thoughts. If you don't have a set of safety wire pliers, they are only $15 at Harbor Fright. They are very useful. I have put entire car front bumper assemblies back on with nothing more than lock wire and these pliers, from some of my sons mishaps. Airdams on the front of my wife's various cars over the years, too. I also have the $200 Milspec ones, and yet I always grab for these floppy, wobbly Pittsburgh-Zhen pair.

That said, if you wanna really avoid chain issues, buy a riveter. I've seen a dozen chains come off, (never mine), mostly on the track, and none were riveted.
Years ago I flew a very clapped out Beech 18, stripped out to fly jumpers . Those twin radials had more ss lock wire than I can even relate ! ( although…nothing ever fell off …well, no , one starboard cowl flap did leave once to find it’s own landing …but that’s another story !)
I do like the idea of a master clip wire. I did have a chain fail at speed on a local bike Mecca road ( hwy 511 west of Ottawa) rear wheel locked …. Big black tire mark , huge flat spot on tire which I limped home on once I beat the chain outta the sprocket and put on my spare master …cause I carry one
All this after taking half an hour reclining in the grass getting my heart rate back to something close to normal…