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OK, if I was to fit a new one piece brake hose to my 72 because the lower part of mine is missing how would it attach to the caliper ?
The one piece one is quite a bit cheaper than a new lower but comes with a banjo fitting at each end,would it do away with the existing
Metal tube ?
Metal tube would be eliminated but make sure you buy a brake line longer than you think you need. I measured everything and ordered about an inch longer which just made it. You probably need one about 95-100cm.
I'm not seeing how that would connect to a banjo fitting?
Correct as I was thinking about the one I ordered. It came with 3AN ends and a threaded banjo fitting to attach the MC
OK, that'll work. That looks like a nice line, and the ability to mount the ends at any angle is a plus. Most of the cheap, ready-made lines come with the two ends parallel to one another and that doesn't fit too well on the later stock MC with it's hose connected off the end.
Thanks ,I can see now what I need to do ,there is a thread on here about the same subject ,Looks like I need a m10x1.o banjo bolt ,any idea how long this would need to be ?
Can't you just re-use your original, or is it missing too? Normally, I just re-use the originals.
Can't you just re-use your original, or is it missing too? Normally, I just re-use the originals.
Unless it’s a rusty mess clean it off and just replace the copper washers. I have noticed the last few times I ordered brake lines they came with new aluminum washers. I suppose they work just as well. We’ll see because I used them…
I usually re-use the original copper washers too, lol. But I usually clean them up real good and anneal them.
Morning,re brake hose
The lower half is missing and the metal tube connection pipe has a partially stripped thread on the caliper end ,it just makes economical sense to replace the whole lot, the banjo bolt is readily available here and it seems a sensible upgrade .
HEL brake lines. Comes with everything you need.
I mounted mine straight in due to the angle of the line coming off non-stock handlebars.image.jpgimage.jpg
Does this look like the proper upper brake hose for an xs2 ?
I'm not going to use it but it was on the bike when I got it ,Lower hose was
Missing ,can't be right with a banjo on each end can it?


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Thanks ,it looks like the front brake is a bitsa ,original m/c and after that who knows .I bought a M10 x 1.0 banjo bolt to go in the caliper but that didn't fit so then I tried a 1.25 and still no go although that seems to be the same thread that's on the end of the metal connecting pipe .