C-C measurement for a 35 mm XS fork


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As I already have mentioned in a couple of posts, I am working a bit on a 80-82 XT250.
This is actually the second XT 250 I am messing with. On the previous one, I always thought the front brake was rather poor for road use.
So when I somehow discovered that my 34 mm RD350 fork had the exact C-C measurement as the 35 mm XT250 fork, I just cut 4 strips of 0.50 mm aluminium sheet, and rolled/ bent them into crude bushings. Then the RD fork legs and wheel could be slipped into the XT triples. The brake obviously worked superbly, but the RD fork was just too short for the XT.
Now, the XS fork is longer, has more stroke than the RD fork, and has the same 35 mm diameter as the XT triples.
The question now is the C-C measurement between XS fork tubes. Which would determine if a XS wheel also can be used.
It would be great is someone could give me this measurement? I believe the XT and RD was 175 mm, but I may well be wrong.
In my imagination, the XT250 with an XS fork and a spiked 19" front wheel would be a great tool (toy?) for snow covered winter roads 😁
I do realize that going from the XT leading axle fork to an XS fork will increase trail a bit, but a smaller diameter wheel 18 or 19" vs 21" will cancel out some of this increase.
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35mm late forks C to C 184.5mm
Thanks! I guess that means the RD 350 hub is somewhere around 10 mm narrower than the stock XS650 hub. Will have to investigate a bit more. I definitely would like to have 2 alternative front ends for this XT, the stock offroad oriented fork with 180 (or 200) mm travel, 21" wheel and a tiny brake drum. Or a XS650 fork or similar, with 150 mm travel, disc brake and 18" or 19" wheel. Sort of a street tracker setup.
FYI, the XT I have, came from the factory with an 18" rear rim, and now has a 120/ 90 Heidenau K60 tyre fitted. However, some of these 250s came with a 17" rear.
Just some notes from the files.

front axle dimensions 73 on.jpg
front hub dimensioned.jpg