Chop Source - Frame Jig Kits and Neck Centering Cones (motorcycle frame jig parts)

This is a super sweet Jig Fellas !!!! Just a dream for me right now but sure would be nice to have it when I build my next bike. I wanna do some frame mods for a roadracer next after the flattracker im building now. (which is where my $$$ $$ is currently going, LOL!)
Was thinking of building my own engine stand but I'll bet someone on here has a source... afordable...
JMLUSA1, what kind of engine stand? Bench or free standing? I'll be releasing one soon.
Just wanted to let everyone know that everything is back in stock for the frame jigs.

I finally created a facebook page with a bunch of pictures and descriptions of all my products. Also tons of customer pics. Like and share
I've been sending two small decals with the frame jig kits now. They look good on the main rails of the jig next to the upright for the neck fixture or on your tool box or something. If you guys ordered a jig kit before they came with decals, and want them, email me at and I'll send them to you. :thumbsup:


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The jig works great for just about any motorcycle frame. They've been used for just about every brand of motorcycle. I've even sold a few that were used to weld up bicycle frames.
Jay, I just replied to your email from this morning. Let me know if you didn't receive my reply.
I'd love to get one. But I've been spending all my money on my other bike build. ARG... Maybe in a few months I can get one.
Now you can upgrade to Stainless steel cones for an additional $22

2" o.d. - 3/4" bore.

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Absolutely love this jig. I've got a crazy cb125 cafe build going because of it.
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