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Finally getting back to putting the old girl back together. Bought a new clutch handle and can’t get it back together properly.

There is so much slack. I have tried adjusting based on threads here and my manual. Lever all the way loose then undo lock nut at the case tighten the screw until it hits then tighten lock nut and tension at the lever.

To achieve this I still have to adjust the lever until it cant be tightened anymore. When done the clutch is very hard to pull. The gears shift without pulling the clutch. However with the clutch pulled all the way in the wheel doesn’t turn freely unless it’s in neutral. The cable just seems… too long.

I tried tightening the adjust screw at the case until there was no tension and then tightening the adjuster at the handle but no dice. It’s shifts through the gears but the wheel doesn’t turn in gear with the clutch pulled.

My next steps are to pull the worm gear and clean and grease it. At the same time I will try alternate routing.

Any extra ideas as to what my issue can be are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Without the engine running the clutch will drag while in gear even with the lever pulled in. Do you have your old cable lever to compare? Where did you get the new one?

That’s the new perch and lever from mikes.

I haven’t put the old one back on. I found a thread that said it could be the plastic part from the worm assembly and that without pulling it completely apart you won’t even know it’s broken. Gonna pull that tomorrow and clean and grease everything.

Before I took the bike apart the clutch was working but I do remember it stalling when being put in gear but ultimately worked ok.
Not sure if it helps 1980 model
I set it so the cable pulls the wire at the handle --and Having it loose at the engine cover adjustment
It moves (the wire ) freely light pull not operating the clutch
Then I start adjust at the side cover .It can be felt when it comes in contact the pull gets harder
And I have a central stand so I adjust having the engine running in gear and Pulling the clutch in trying to stop the wheel with the foot boot.
Adjusting till it feels right --- to loose it can slip and to tight it gets difficult to get into neutral. Fine adjustments
Cleaning and greasing the worm, oiling the cable and proper routing will eliminate 90% of clutch issues.
If you put a shorter lever on (and it seems you did) then you will get a harder clutch pull no matter what you do. The other thing to check would be the distance between the end of the perch and the point in the lever where the cable ball fits. This is a stocker compared to the Kawasaki perch and lever I use. As you can see, the Kawasaki one is much shorter ......


This creates a lot of extra slack in my cable. To "fix" it, I add a spacer down at the elbow .....


I make the spacer by cutting the end off an old cable elbow .....