Crankcase cover install


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Hello everyone. So I go to do the dry fit before I put the gasket on my crankcase cover and the thing won't go on the engine. The left side of the cover (kick start side) goes on but the right side with the tach gear just won't. I figure it has something to do with lining up the gears but it just won't go on. Any advice?
The kickstart return spring can tilt the kickstart shaft, making alignment of the cover's dowels difficult.
Some folks work the kicker a bit during cover install, then the dowels line up...
Try wiggling the front, by the tach, drive up/down, this will line up the oil pump drive gear.
I might be wrong as very much a 'newbie' builder, but I reckon it's what happened to me. Whilst you say the kick starter side is fine, my kick starter is on the right hand side if I was sitting on the bike. I wouldn't be surprised if your kick starter is still the problem. It can be a problem on the opposite side to where it sits. If the kick starter spring isn't sitting correctly on it's shaft, it makes the engine cover sit out quite a bit. I'd check that your kick starter spring is sitting in as required - mine went in about an inch and the engine cover then sat flush.