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Have been enjoying the "on road" experience on my lovely old XS. She's treating me right but she has developed a leaky fork seal. Today, I stripped the fork down to replace the seal. I have had a little difficulty fitting the front wheel in the past - it was a very tight fit into the bottom fork mounts, I suspected bent forks as I could rotate the things and find an alignment where the wheel went in easier. Sure enough, when I rolled the fork tubes on a glass table, they had the "wobbly boot", about 2mm (?) out in the centre of each.
My question is this. A local suspension mob offer a straightening service. I haven't checked the cost as it is Saturday here and they are closed. I can get new inner tubes delivered to Oz from Niche Cycle in the States. Cost is around $275 (AUD). If the local lads can straighten them for less, what sort of service should I expect from the reworked fork? Another 40 years? Am I better biting the bullet and fitting new forks? Will the straightened ones perform responsibly? Appreciate your advice but I worry about the "quarantine"wait on stuff from OS - I've got the "Bikie Bug" back again and hate to see her up on chocks.
Most fork tubes after a length of time develop a curve. When they are together in the yolks and the curve is in the same direction, you won’t notice it but, once disturbed misalignment is evident.
Generally tubes like this can be straightened, it’s when collision damage is present ie, a sharp bend sometimes with a kink or distortion in the tube that they need to be scrapped.
However, bending tube is difficult to do without distortion, as is straightening a bent tube.
My first XS suffered twisted forks when I crashed it. At that time, in the 70s there was an excellent engineering company close by that trued the tubes back up.
Straightened a lotta fork tubes back in the day.
There *is* a right way and a wrong way.

Most bends are found just below the lower triple clamp, just far enuff away from the slider seals, so a properly done straightening process avoids damaging the slider zone.

If the bend was in the slider zone, would toss and replace the tubes.

Always used fitted aluminum C-blocks in the press, pushing against the tubes...