Getting My XS650 Special on the Centerstand _How To


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Coldwater, Mississippi
I decided to make this short video about getting the bike on the centerstand. It's very easy. I hope this helps someone.

I was hoping to make this look as effortless as it is. I'm not sure if I pulled that off. That XS1100 is too heavy to pick up. Proper technique is required. I realize that I make the bikes look small, but I did teach a young woman to do it a few months ago after she told me she wasn't strong enough to get her 650 Interceptor onto the maintenance stand. It took as long as this video to prove her wrong.
I’ll simply add that with both centerstand feet equally contacting the ground with the bike standing straight up just transferring your body weight to the right foot on the tang while firmly grasping a right hand hold say on the grab rail,
All Yamahas I’ve owned pop up onto the centerstand quite easily.
I'd just add that you can "multiply" the leverage if, as you push down with your leg, you pull up on the grab handle. Works like a charm.
A lot of people who struggle are trying to pull the bike backwards. As Marty says, push down with your foot and lift up with the right hand and it's easy.
A few years ago when I actually learned the correct technique I was amazed. All that straining for years and now it’s effortless. It did make me feel a little dumb…lol