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I've been doing some research on bar vibrations and come accross these things.


No it's not for your wife!!

Filling bar with expanding foam

Filling bar with sand

Filling bar with caulking

Filling bar with lead shot or BB's

Weighted bar ends

Anybody try any of these things with some success?

I know about tuning the bike for less vibes, but I think it's the nature of the beast to vibrate some.
I filled mine with silicone caulk, and it has helped quite a bit. I can run hard rubber grips without any hand buzzing now.
My hands don't buzz, but I have noticed, as well, that my Napoleon bar end mirrors hardly vibrate at all, and I wonder now if that might be because of their substantial weight.
i've used lead bar end weights mounted on rubber to reduce it before (on a diff bike)

it helped with the buzzing.
Without any experimentation a weight bedded in the softest silicone possible like a 4" bolt inside the bar ends with just a silicone plug at each end of the bolt? I think the key word is damping, something that prevents the bar from shaking at the same frequency as the engine.
I actually have a bolt in the ends of my silicone, it was 3/4" thick with the head cut off. My bike was only buzzy at about 65mph, but it is pretty smooth now. The biggest improvement came from the 18t front sprocket though.
obviously different kinds of dampeners would have different effects. my problem with my old bike was a very high pitched vibration at speed that would make my hands go numb (air cooled 600 kawi ninja) and for that, loosely mounted dead weights did the trick.

I would expect to have to experiment with a few things depending on the vibration.
I love my barsnake!!!

PS. I've filled bars with sand and with lead shot, and while both helped, neither was as good as the bar snake.
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