How to: Brat style flat seat on the cheap!

I was thinking about doing a similar method only I want to cut the rear frame loop off about a couple inches behind the shock mount. I think the curve of the board would give the same look as if the frame loop were still there without it actually being there... any ideas?
I think your better off shortening the hoop and welding it back never looks that great if you just shop it off
thanks for the input. I don't have the equipment or knowhow to weld so I might just clean up the rear loop with a grinder and then make a fibreglass pan. I am still in the VERY early stages of my build so I'm fully open to ideas.
has some one made a video on how to apolster the seat and make it look good like EWAN's?

i am referring to the stitching.
has some one made a video on how to apolster the seat and make it look good like EWAN's?

i am referring to the stitching.

Its pretty easy if you know how to sew..

Heres my latest:


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Looks great Tron! I would agree, it's probably not that hard for someone that can use a sewing machine and has some experience with thinking in terms of patterns and sewing.
I've now sold my bike to a happy danish fellow musician, great to see the bike move on to another passionate guy. I've begun a new project, not half as cool enginge and character-wise, but more suited for my stature. A Kawa VN800a. (!)
I had tons of fun with the xs and was really happy with it, but longer rides than 30 minutes just made my body ache and I wanted a new project.

About the seat, I have one tip. If you're looking to sew a ribbed seat you will need quite thick foam to sew through. Otherwise your stitches won't push down like they should. For this new project I've actually left the seat to a upholstery shop to have it done. Given the time and the cost of material, the price wasn't much more.

Thanks to all for tons of advices and inspiration on the XS, I'll will probably be back in a couple of years when I start a bobber project :)
For inspiration and detailed pics on this type of seat I recommend: and
No pics, yet, but here is what I am doing.

Closed cell foam from here Best prices I could find and several choices for thickness. It may be just a touch short since it's 24", but you can buy two pieces for less than anywhere else I found it.

Pre-pleated marine vinyl for the top. Lots of choices here

Some leather grain look marine vinyl for the sides. I bought some cheap stuff off of amazon, but there are lot of choices if you search around the greatlakesskipper site I linked above.

Some hidem for the transition around the top from the pleated to the non-pleated.

Unfortunately, I don't have a sewing machine. But my mom does :thumbsup:!

We'll see how it turns out.

I found a shelf from a metal book shelf that I'm making my seat pan out of. I have a rough one that I'm using to make a pattern for the final piece. I bent the rear area with a piece of drain pipe to match the rise of the rear frame loop. Going to rivet the seat cover through the bottom of the seat pan.

I'm probably going to do the rear fender similar to EWAN's but haven't decided on it, yet.
if you could make a video that would be sweet, tron that seat looks perfect for what i had in mind, what would be a good price to have a seat like that made at a upholstery shop...and does any one know one in Seattle??
I'm hoping to do this on my '79 in the next few weeks. Gotta grind off some of the extras on the frame around the seat and get at it. I've got my YuGiOh board that I stole from my son (broken truck) and after I pad it I'm going to try to wrap it with some old 2.5 inch jacketed firehose that failed the last time we had an inspection. It's white, and dirty, but could look pretty sweet if I can get it to work.

Thanks for the write up!
Thanks Tron. Someone stole my velcro seat so I've been considering a solo seat replacement. Your seat is a great replacement idea.