In neutral: kickstart won't move, elec start won't engage


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Hello all,

I've had a few posts here, there seems to be something new popping up each time I fix something else, have to love it :)

So my '75 was running great but the plugs weren't getting hot enough. I went through the charging system and got that looking right. This meant taking off and cleaning the stator, rotor and replacing the brushes. While doing that the clutch worm spring snapped so I just replaced the whole thing as the adjuster was rounded anyway. So then the gear shifter rounded, I replaced that (not the shaft yet) and it now works fine. I can change gears and no slippage.

I adjusted the clutch but maybe I've done something wrong as the kickstart will not move. It feels like it just hits a wall although I know I'm in neutral because the bike can roll freely, I go down to first and it doesn't. When trying the electric start it just spins around.

Any help would be appreciated!
If the motor won't spin if you push it in gear you have a sized motor. Take the plugs out and try. Electric starter problem is either a stripped gear or worn springs.