Kickstart only 1980 xs650


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I recently rebuild my 1980 xs650 engine, now kickstart only bike. I have a rolling motorcycle and will rewire the entire bike before it's first start. I noticed an issue that I'm not familiar with and hope someone can help me with this.
The kickstarter only engages (and moves) if I pull the clutch lever in and engage the clutch. It will not move if the clutch is not pulled in. If the bike is in neutral and I don't pull the clutch, the kickstarter still will not move. The kickstarter assemble is installed properly. So I"m thinking you have to pull the clutch lever and engage the clutch on these bikes or I've assembled something incorrectly during my rebuild. I've searched this forum for the answer and don't seem to get enough information to confirm my questions here. Appreciate any insight for the gurus on this site.

Kick start should disengage when you pull the clutch in.

You got something installed incorrectly.

Sure your pistons move?
:umm: Neutral, and no clutch lever is how it works :umm:
Frozen clutch plates. jammed up gears? All the other stuff everyone's gonna ask,
year. make model. History, condition, pictures. Somebody knows and has been through it before I'm sure.
With the bike not running and in gear pull the clutch and kick it. Does it want to go forward?
1980 xs650 complete rebuild, split cases, many new parts. Engine is finished but it have not been started year because I'll doing a complete rewire. The pistons move. I'm thinking clutch assembly, which I'll look into tomorrow. Will also try what Johndaddy mentioned in his last sentence.
Ok guys I figured this out and it's a bit embarrassing. Like that time in high school when I walked out of the bathroom and finally had the nerve to ask the cheerleader out then realized toilet paper was stuck to my shoe kind of embarrassment. I'm running new Rearsets and the tolerances are a bit tight so the reason I couldn't get the kickstarter to work is because it was still in gear. Yeah I know, like my 17 year old would say.... "Duh!" Thanks for your input it was helpful and took me to a clear...erer mindset.