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5 Killed at the Isle of Man TT so far this it time to rethink "what is a life worth"
Not at all. Especially when each person willingly signs up. John McGuinness said it best. Partial quote was “there’s no gun to anybodys head..”. It’s for your own good is never a good argument. As far as pedestrian deaths, well , if you aren’t aware that bikes and sidecars going 160 can crash and kill you especially when your 5ft from them, then I can’t help you.
Actually i should have said this last week................I read it was 3 people who where racing sidecars, (a father and son on one car and a driver on another), and another bike rider killed in practice......and a rider in the super-sport race
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Having raced Sidecars from 1990 I always followed the TT, staying up late listening to TT Radio over the web buying the DVD's every year, & in 2007 we made the trek there for the 100th anniversary. We looked into leasing a bike to enter but the costs were out of our reach luckily. Got there & was blown away by the speeds both Solo & Sidecar bikes were doing. The guys/girls that race there do so because they want to. I have mates that have raced there 3 or 4 years & lost one 2 years ago. Once the place is in your blood it's difficult not to go back.
I believe it will be impossible to prevent the racers from racing .
If they cannot do it on a track ..they will do it on open roads instead.
High Speed on a motorcycle is a rush.
But I am for a rethink Never wrong .. To Think it over. perhaps some kind of Licenses and experience testing.

I have a Honda Fireblade and it was a surprise how many want to race with you on the open roads
Audis / BMW / Mercedes .. If you overtake one of those ..In a spirited overtake 9 times of 10 You'll will see them again
Regular middle managers from the Suburbs. Having bought big engined cars .For what --For using of course.
I like this a lot
Notice the flames out of the muffler 9.15 in and waving to the crowd cruising to the WIn
How legends are created ...
What this has i the down to earth .. Regular mans competitions ..As far as I know no up nosed factory sponsored superstar above everyone else attitude as in some other sports.
Had it not been for the talent and speeds it could haven been as a regular street racer .At any Wednesday summer night . Seen mostly drag racing
Talk to the boys.

Not saying that Moto GP has that either But Formula One at times look as a Monday morning commuting to work ride with to much strange stuff about tires section this and that flags and whatnot and virtually no overtaking factory orders who is gonna win ( Allowed )

Dangerous yes but what extreme sport is not dangerous Hockey 3 tackles and the doctor keep you off --and the teeth out + Brain concussion.
Or stick smashed over the face. If not fist fighting .. But I understand that people want to se it Lot of things going on i a Hockey game if you are in the crowd.
Boxing wov not that there always was that many brain cells to start with.
Bull fighting is getting outlawed
Fox hunting
Pretty soon any hunting.
Making it safer yes ..but i think this deserves more credits and coverage if they can keep the spirit I believe is there.
Pretty much the only sporting event a year that I try to find coverage off.
anybody who races do so willingly and know the risks , i dont know the requirements for the tt but this yr the finkie desert race (here in oz) they changed the rules on being able to enter so only the more experienced riders / drivers could enter plus also changed where the spectators could watch from , all this due to the deaths and injuries ea yr , this yr no deaths and injuries right down ... in fact the worst accidents and injuries were off the track ... my bucket list has the tt right at the top (to watch ) but dont think will ever be able to afford it
Motor sports can be dangerous, so can riding a motorcycle in any city. In racing, you can be the screw up, in a city, others are the problem.
5 Killed at the Isle of Man TT so far this it time to rethink "what is a life worth"
This question is raised every year.
The same answers apply every year.
Its an incredible biking event; but not without risk.
All biking carries risk whether road riding for pleasure, or racing at the TT. Racers are willing to take the higher risk of course; most of us take the lower risk, but its still a risk. I have attended the event on the Isle of Man many times and enjoy the spectacle for what it is.