Product review: Ikon Shock absorbers 76 series basic

Yep, the recipe for steering that's quicker and also more linear is to raise the rear on taller shocks, and 5/8" lift puts you right in the zone. I used a pair of Koni double clicker oil damped shocks for a few years. They were a marked improvement over Progressive Series 12 fixed damping gas shocks (not as good as the custom fixed damping Works Performance gas shocks that replaced the Konis, though). Good damping is what keeps the rubber in contact with the road and lets the bike hold the line in rough corners, and Koni/Ikon shocks do the needful. Congrats!
LOL!! They were bought for a '70's BSA A75 triple. That project died. Stored for a long time until the SG was bought. Had to shim the lower bushing to fit the smaller bolt. No big deal. I'll measure it later. Got to be close to stock height.

Gotcha, "7610's"
Inquiring minds;
When did you last check preload on the steering bearings?

Ok, first of all, thank you Gary for making me think about this. My steering had gotten a little loosey goosey , and I tightened up my steering damper. All that did was to add drag to turning my handlebars. So today I tackled tightening up my steering head bearings.

Sorry ole man it's a take it apart deal, ask me how I know, and what a pain it is to replace bearings on a Royal Star Venture.

I hate it when you’re right! o_O What a pain!

If it were me (there's your disclaimer :rolleyes: ) I'd loosen the stem pinch bolt, top nut on the stem and both fork cap bolts. That way you could use your rubber dead blow to tap the top of the triple up a hair..... do the adjustment. After adjusted and in this order... just snug the stem top nut (don't fully tighten), loosen the lower triple pinch bolts ( Reason being the top triple will sit lower cause you lowered the spanner nut it seats on... forks will need to drop a hair)... now tighten the stem nut and fork cap bolts. This should square up everything. Tighten the 3 pinch bolts and done.
That's how I plan on checking the SG this winter... 'cept I have 2 extra pinch bolts and an extra spanner nut.

So Jim, I thought this sounded like a pretty good plan of attack, but I thought you were wrong about one thing, loosening the fork caps. I hate it when you’re right also! :laugh2:

Here was the entire sequence,
1. Remove the gas tank and get the bike up on a lift and secured.
2. remove the entire friction damper assembly
3. Loosen the top triple tree pinch bolt
4. remove the top triple tree nut
5. loosen the two lower triple tree pinch bolts

Now in my mind, I had loosened everything that could move when tightening the steering head bearing up. So I got my skinny punch and hammer and started driving that notched top nut around. It moved quite a bit, then just to test my work I grabbed the bottom of the forks and wiggled them front to back and Oh No! I could hear a definite clunk and feel free play in the front end. Crap! :eek: Now I’m beginning to think The whole front end is going to have to come off so I can see what’s doin. Oh man, I was dreading the thought. Then I remembered Jim saying to loosen the fork caps, in order to do that, I had to unbolt the handlebars and tip them back out of the way. Which I did. A couple of taps on the triple tree with my rubber mallet and I rechecked the front end for free play and the clunk is gone! Woo hoo!
Everything is back together now and hopefully tomorrow I can get it out for a little test ride. I sure hope I didn’t tighten things too much because It is a commitment to re adjust!
I am happy I took the time to correct this and that it is now done the right way.
Guess I should have been explicit; overtightening is what trashed the Venture bearings. A sordid story involving "internet advice" and get'r done itis.
Stock it had ball bearings, with only 10K on the clocks I assumed stock, in my defense the steering WAS already funky and sneaking in to tighten already installed tapered rollers didn't go well. No problem! Only took a couple hours to get down to the steering.


Why I 'll stand by my advise that off, the top triple should come.