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Just as another plug for Jim. I've bought several rotors from him over as many years. The first one has at least 7,000 miles on it and am certain it will out live me. Just installed one I bought a couple years ago into a 73, even though the original was still working. It increased the overall output and it pointed out that my voltage regulator wasn't doing its job and allowing too high of voltage. This was an upgraded solid state voltage regulator from the old mechanical one. Anyway, bottom line, you simply won't get a better rewound rotor anywhere else for what he charges.
Had to tool up last week for a customer. Decided to build up few more. Here's one of 'em. The other is an old style that I added the TCI magnet to. Soon as I test it on the run stand, I'll put it up also.

Price is unchanged since I started rewinding 'em.... $130 outright. Send me a good core and I'll refund the $25 core charge.

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Jim work is first class.Also a pleasure to deal with.
'K... so I just threw the modified rotor on my test stand and it works exactly as it should. Good charging.... timing light showed no difference 'tween a TCI rotor and this modified one.

I think I'll ask $140 outright for this one. There's a fair bit of fiddly work involved in getting the magnet spot on. I think that's worth an extra ten bucks.
Again, a $25 core back to you if you send me a good rebuildable one.

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Every time I look at one of those rotor I think back to an RD400 I had years ago. It developed a no charging problem. When I opened it up to take a look I found a couple of the screws that held the slipring plate to the rotor had come loos and the slip ring plate had cracked only the copper rings holding it together!

A little more work and I found that the screws had stripped the threads out of the rotor. Not knowing any better I retaped the holes for something like a 12-24 machine screw threads and put a little epoxy on the slipring carrier and tightened all the screws. Once epoxy had set over night I mounted the rotor in the lathe at work and took a light cut off the slip rings to true them up.

Put it back on bike and it worked just fine.
Honestly Jim, I don't think anyone would complain if your price for all of them was $140.00 less the $25.00 for a core............$115.00 for a rewind would give you close to $100.00 for you.............Still a good great deal all round i would say...............besides, gotta pay for Vango somehow :sneaky:
Sorry, diode on the rectifier failed, not regulator. Regulator I found was set to switch @ 16.5V which I believe caused the chain of failure events
The original rotors are doomed to failure no matter. My rewound rotors should outlive me. You should be without charging system woes from now on.
The original rotors are doomed to failure no matter. My rewound rotors should outlive me. You should be without charging system woes from now on.
What’s the problem with the original rotor ? Are they known to fail ? Or is it just due to age you say they are doomed to fail?