Right now I'm listening to...

Stones new single
Girl in aehhum mm .. Radical Clothing
A Mercedes convertible sports car that the boys used to call a " Pimp Car " Very few could afford
Borderline anyone else could get away with it without getting into hot water for some of the camera angles
But these are probably the best producers in the world so .it is Worth watching just for that

I still listen to the local classic rock station (KLPX) when I'm in the shed working on a project, but Alice Cooper played his last radio show Sept 8. Dee Snyder (of Twisted Sister fame) still does his show,House of Hair, Sat nights.
An annual live event for me at the Acapela Studio just outside Cardiff.
As usual a fabulous gig at an intimate setting.
pre gig Pizza cooked at the venue in a proper olive branch fired brick oven; good wine too.
Whats not to like:
JULIA FORDHAM A woman with an exceptional voice and range
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