Stuff my dog says; on second thought I'll just build a race car

Back at it for the first time in a week today, not much picture worthy is going to happen though. I'm welding around the edge of the left hood panel so any warping that's going to happen will happen. Once that's done, and it likely won't be tonight, I'll get down to fixing the gap and alignment issues with it.
The top down doesn't loom too bad now, usable for me at least, and I got thebcurves looking good enough.

Now I have to cut the lower front corner and stretch it forward then back fill the gap.
Fingers crossed I may have the hood done today

Corner moved, not great but for me and this car I'm calling it acceptable.
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Next on the list was the gaps on either side of the toe board. It's much more firewall now
Next I really need to actually weld the body panels around the driver area so I can paint it black while it's easy to get to. That doesn't sound fun though so I think I'll work on the cowl panel tomorrow.
Six hours today, got the cowl panel very much roughed in. I started out thinking I was going to do it in five pieces but ended up with just three. Didn't take any pictures of the simple flat side pieces. I started to do corner pieces but ended up not thinking about the top edge being longer so I cut them short. Once I had already messed up some metal I decided to just say screw it lets do a giant piece across the top.

Couple fitting pictures

The end result of that though is that single panel was four feet wide and over two feet deep, so it was too big to work with properly. In the end I probably tacked it in place before I should have but it's a lot easier to work it when it's stationary. Which there is a lot of working left to be done. The access hole for the master cylinders and steering column needs cut, the hood to cowl gap needs made and having that in place the left side hood needs to be modified for fit, and the shade panel above the gauges needs done.
I have the "Fuck it!" rule. If I find myself going around in circles and not making real progress I just say "Fuck it!". I then leave what I've done and come back to it a day, or month, or a year or two later and finish the job off correctly. Just last week I made a heat shield for the Virago to replace the crap one I made about 3 years ago, but this time it looks good.
My dog, Dennis, used to say yippee every time I loaded him up in his limousine. He travelled far and wide for years in his limo. The dog we had before him, Toby, also used to say yippee, only he was a bit louder and much more excited. Unfortunately both Dennis and Toby have gone to the big kennel in the sky, so I retired their limo and made a new one for just me. Alice, the dog we have now, didn't like leaving the house, particularly after she lost her sight and her hearing, so I never got her on the last recumbent I made. I rode this one for a little while until my body started complaining, so I sold it and bought an Ebike.


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What, no Dzus fasteners? :D

We do have them and have used them at work. Can't make myself use them on this though. Despite the independent coil over front suspension and coil over rear suspension and the MSD ignition box, the dzus stuff somehow seems too out of date.

While I'm here, fun work pictures


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Lots of pictures, worked on hood gap and made some framework for the skin around the cockpit. Left hood needs more work now so that may be a tomorrow deal.
Also got a delightful sunset this evening


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Well, the morning did not go as planned. I was going to drive the car around to see if elbow clearance was going to be an issue driving, but I got the car warmed up and out on the road to have it immediately die on me. I had glanced down at the air/fuel gauge to see it going super lean and assumed it was running out of fuel. Letting it coast back downhill for a few seconds and it fired and ran enough to get back to the shop.
I put 3 gallons of gas in it and tried again but didn't even get as far that time before it cut out on throttle again. It ran enough to get back to the shop again so I hooked up a fuel pressure gauge thinking maybe the fuel pump was cutting out. The pressure was slightly low but only just with the car running so I bumped it about a pound and tried again.
That time it barely made it out of the parking lot and was barely able to idle, which is a problem with the entry to out parking lot being a serious incline.
It sat in the street for a while because one of the guys from across the street stopped to chat, which got it to run enough to get back up the hill into the lot where I gave it enough throttle to spin the tires for a second and it shut off again and didn't want to refire at all looming like the voltage was low. Luckily my son came withe this morning and was able to help push it back into the shop and it's now on a charger but Jordan isn't coming back after lunch and I don't trust it enough to try it again without help to get it back inside.

And it still didn't answer my elbow clearance question
Well, it seems as though my hack job carb work has failed me. I can get the car to light off squirting fuel directly onto the carb float but it will only just light off and die no fuel going through the carb. I tried draining the float bowl and filling it from a bottle but it won't run that way either. Looking up info on the carb it seems the entire carb idle circuit and all takes fuel through the main jet so guess is that is clogged by either bits of cork gasket I didn't replace before or the silicone I used to seal the float bowl after not replacing that gasket.
Things could be worse, but it's an annoyance. It's 40 dollars for an actual rebuild kit that I'd rather not spend on something I hopefully won't need in the spring. On the other hand it's not a dead ignition box or degrading fuel cell so it certainly is a cheaper fix that way. I do still really want to drive the car before continuing the body work around the cockpit. Plus it's late enough now I've lost motivation for the evening having accomplished nothing for my 7 hours which really chaps my ass.

Also I was trying to video again, and while there ended up being nothing worth taking video of on the day I didn't even get that on film. My gopro knock off wasn't responding to remote signal. Eventually realized it keeps turning remote recognition off on its own for some reason.
It was how I thought in that my makeshift gasket had come apart and clogged the main jet. The slightly unfortunate thing was that the rebuild kit I got for my Holley Model 1920 carburetor didn't actually go to my Holley Model 1920 carburetor. So while I was able to clean the thing out and it does run now, I didn't have replacement parts for the float seat or accelerator pump which is annoying.
Will there be padding under the metal bits?
Not planning on it, if it were a show car or something like that I would be more bothered but I was actually thinking last night specifically about this. The instructions with the strap kit mention wearing latex gloves so that the oils in your hands don't stain the leather straps but I rather like the idea of a patina on the car. Which is good because it's not like I have intentions of treating this thing with kid gloves it's whole life.
Got another strap on and took an artsy photo...
Not as impressed with the kit now as I had two of the rivets come pre-stripped tonight. If my counting is correct it came with 2 extras so I'm stuck holding out hope that all my remaining ones are good.
I guess I didn't mention it Wednesday but the kit also comes with enough springs and latches to do four straps but only enough footers for two. I had thought maybe it was generic enough that a home goods store may have them as cabinet pulls but struck out there last night. So I ordered 4 more footers at lunch today.