Whats your weather right now?

They promise a pretty day, it is a pretty midnight with moon and an owl hootin'

Cop radio say big chase, cop ran outta gas, desperado got away! Go team!

Honeydo project electrical on outbuilding, breaker box and such. (9AM, sharp!)

Some radio stuff, antenna NVIS 7mc dipole, if it will tune. Adjacent structures makie for surprises. Need nanovna type H4 - on order. Big help.
20C and Breezy in SW Ontario
Must be record breaking. So took the opportunity to spray a chain guard and swing arm. Priming inside of a rusty bucket was an afterthought.
And my wife's dogs liked it too.
+14C this morning, -4C now with high wind warnings. Still no snow and getting closer to springtime. I can’t remember the weather ever being this mild before. The forecast for the next two weeks hovers between a couple of degrees below 0 to just under double digits.
But also co-incidentally the frogs are having their annual 'social event' in our garden pond. Lots of frogs, lots of frog spawn, complete lack of manners as individuals clamber over each other to get to the 'action'.

I guess if it had been much colder the event would have been put on ice?