WTF pictures

It’s a crap outcome. No one will ever really know the truth.
We know.... he told us.

I did not and do not imagine that OJ wasted the pair. The LA coke scene (see freeway Rick and Gary Webb & etc) brought terminal misfortunes to a multitude...about the time of the slow chase my across the street neighbor discovered his young adult kids with their throats cut...tongues pulled through the slit. What I do think probable is that that the misfortune befell due to a dope debt...and perhaps OJ came upon the scene at a bad time... Dope is dangerous hobby. Being famous can be dangerous... then of course the pretty blond chick makes a salacious propaganda easy. Since she's dead I shall not express my opinion of her or her "friend". The affair at this distance looks tawdry and ordinary, and really low class....but speaking of murder...

Here's a nice picture of an experimental murder weapon>
Note the ventilation holes in the wooden box with special Pu ball... The stuff is warm...and spendy!

Very likely that OJ ought to have listened to his mother about the choice lady friends... Still, maybe at a party, cute chick... I did not listen either!
I see there really are other crazy notions that people do when they’re mind is full of motorcycle ideas.Why not I guess.Might be a little bumpy though.Lol


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