1973 tx650: BS38 carb rebuild prices

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Ive ran into a problems rebuilding my carburetors. I would rather have someone that knows what they are doing rebuild them and save me a huge headache.. Ive seen posts where people offer rebuilding them for $25 bucks each but i was not able to find them. So i was wondering if anyone can link me to someone they know that can rebuild them or possibly give me a qoute . Thanks.
What problems are you running into? Throttle shaft seals?
Everything else is pretty straight forward, unless your pilot is stuck and stripped.
1. The bike was sitting for 30+ years and had gas in them that has gone bad.
2. The rebuild kits i ordered from mikes were not the complete kit that i needed. It is missing the side gasket and other parts.

Its not really a problem of not knowing how to do it. I would just rather have someone that knows what theyre doing rebuild them.
Don't waist your money, buy a set of 34mm mikunis for MMM out there in CA or from me at www.hoosracing.com. I have them for $390.00 as a kit with intakes, filters and cable. Plus a few extra jet to get you dialed in. Check with Mike for his prices, Gary
PS. when you talk to Mike tell him Gary at Hoosracing said hi. It's been a while.
Im on a budget right now so $390 is a little too pricey. but i will defintely be ordering a pair of those in the future. Thanks.