Big TX500 project, any help appreciated!

Update!! I’ve found another bike!!! It’s a Yamaha. I’m picking it up tomorrow:) very cool and….. it runs. Looks really well maintained for an older bike.
I will reveal it to everyone tomorrow. Really excited!!
Just made it home. Had to drive 6 hrs round trip to pick up this bike. Will post pics tomorrow. It’s in really good shape and quite a bit has been done to it! I’m really excited!!
Here she is … and of course , with a story. Guy I bought it from buys old bikes and gets them running. He’s actually a motorcycle mechanic. Found this in a Kansas barn layed over and covered in 20 plus yrs of dirt. He cleaned and synced the carbs, new carb boots , oil and filter change, new tires and she’s up and running again. Only 5,000 miles with a current title and got a really good price.
There are probably many experts on here that can attest to the engineering of this engine… and from what I’ve read was pretty advanced for its day.
This is a keeper. I’m excited to get her out on the road today after work :)
I just stumbled across the ad and he held it a day for me which was really nice of him. The ad had only been up 10 min.
Yesterday he informed me that in just a few hrs he had 17 people wanting the bike.


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Changing topic back to the 74 tx500. You guys were correct, since I’ve had the ad up for the bike I’m getting all kinds of interest in parts such as the gas cap and other parts .
There’s still a part of me that wants to find a 76 engine and restore this bike. No engines to be found around here though :(
No engines to be found around here though :(
I don’t know you location, but I’m at the Barber Vintage Fest. That engine is probably here. I have seen at least two 76/77 XS500s in the swap meet area and I only walked three lanes of it. Murphy says that engine will fall in your lap as soon as you start parting the bike out.