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Hey guys. I've posted a couple of questions here already. so I thought I'd finally make a build thread for my buddy's basket case I am helping with. Never messed with an XS. I've had a couple of CB750's and inherited my Pa's 67 Shovel. Anyfucks, here is where we are at presently. Had to dig and sweat at a local yard to find the fork stem nut( still dont have the nut that holds the top tree on) fork tube caps and a decent front axle and cap with nuts. is there any replacement for the loose ball bearings on the neck? In the mean time, what size and how many do I need top and bottom? Plan on making a motorcycle out of it in the end. Nothing special, just a solid runner. I'll try to post when we make progress, as we both work at the same BBQ restaurant here in B'ham. Now pictures.....:shrug:


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I'm going to assume "anyfucks" was an accidental typo.

Why don't you run with tapered bearings for the steering? I'd think that would be better.

Good luck with the build. This is also my first time with a xs650 and I'm enjoying it very much.
nah, "anyfucks" was on purpose.

In one of the boxes of parts there is a sealed tapered bearing set. one does fit the stem on the bottom. looks like I need to remove the old bearing race from both the stem and neck. after looking up the bearing on AllBalls, they only show 1 bearing in the kit. maybe I can find the allballs box in the pile and make sure it is correct.
OK so before I post this anywhere else. After hours of internet searching, I can't find anyone that sells the nut that holds the top tree to the front-end nor the steering dampener parts. I'll call some local shops today but if no luck, what in the sam hell can i do or use? so frustrated at this point
sorry hard_y_rd, i have the nut that locks the stem and bottom tree to the neck, but not the other one that holds the top tree in place. seems that you dont have to run the dampener, so i may just try Grainger and see if they have something that will work.
once I get the bearings changed out today, i'll double check. but everything I can find in diagram form has a threaded nut and then a large knob with a long bolt that tightens up to the bottom of the stem. numbers 12 - 17 in this pic I believe. found pics of a few XS2's running just number 14

nevermind the attached pic, use the link. my bad


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Ok got Ya now. It's been awhile since I seen that. I did have no 14 . I may have sold it. I'll have a look and report back later.