Pipe Dreams or Dream Pipes?


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Horsepower gains from things like exhaust, carbs, porting, stacks and so on are so small so as not to be noticed, however, with pipes you obviously get a sense of more power and speed due to the noise output. Put all these things together and you may notice a difference, albeit small.

Adding a 1/2, 1, and another 1/2 horse power through different additions to the bike will make the difference between winning and getting second, or beating that guy you just couldn't quite get past before the changes............

So as far as i am concerned those extra gains from carbs being set up properly in conjunction with the porting and making sure your ignition is burning the fuel going into the pots will all make a gain in horsepower..........

Pipes the right size an length for the head need to complement each other to get the max horsepower.

A member on here used to make straight through exhausts for chopper/bobber or whatever you were making............He was told straight pipes loose horsepower when he reckoned he was making gains...................done some dyno charts to prove that his pipes did make a gain in Horsepower. Same bike same engine same carbs same ignition..........just different pipes