Sumotrack rebuild

Left header layout is done. It's just tacked for the moment.
Well not much progress for the moment. Saving money to get the pipes coated and order the stuff for custom throttle cables from venhill.
While I waited I was going to clearance the clutch cover for the high ratio primaries. Removed the oil pump and found I just need a new cover and pump. I wonder if this contributed the the engine breaking on the dyno. The mating surface on the cover looks worse.
Small update. Got a new side cover and oil pump, clearanced it for the high ratio primary. And I finally quit being lazy and made the rear straps for the exhaust. I used stainless steel packing strap. Not perfect, but the ugly part will be out of sight. Next I need to make a permanent hanger from the frame.
Improved exhaust hanger is done. Exhaust is off getting coated.
Biggest change is a set of carbs will be going on. The microsquirt ecu got water in it and won't turn on. So a linked pair of tm34-b120 carbs will go on. Currently the carbs are on the way from the UK.

New tool category I bought a used dynafile off ebay for $80. This will let me do slack belt sanding in tighter areas.