Project Bobber X2.2 the rework.

They’ll go on the shelf with the rest of the XS2 parts. I still have the restoration to do….
Clutch plates came in and had a like new finish on them so ready to go. I quick check with a caliper and in they went. IMG_6976.jpegIMG_6977.jpeg It wasn’t easy but I squeezed the lever and rotated the back tire and could see the clutch working as it should so sat on the bike and tested the friction zone which I feel has a big improvement. I had some new Allen bolts for the cover that for some reason never got installed so I replaced the old dingy bolts with nice shiny ones.IMG_6978.jpeg If it ever stops snowing maybe I can see how it acts on the street….
Well it’s sunny and 43 with dry streets so I gave it a try. It works amazing and my friction zone is how it should be now compared to the old clutch. When I pulled it out, everything was well in spec but it still wouldn’t grab until the very end so I’ll just assume that 52yo clutches need to be replaced. I was also adjusting the clutch perch because the pull is different now. It’s not a hard pull but with the new stiffer springs I wanted a straighter pull. Well as I was tightening up the fastener it felt like my ratchet slipped. Upon further inspection I found that the perch had cracked. Luckily I have another, I just need to paint it and try and sneak it into the house so it can dry lolIMG_6990.jpeg
It may have been, I did the original build so long ago but I was noting how nice the finish was on it and also how thin the casting was compared to the OEM one I replaced it with so I’m gonna say more than likely.