twin engine questions


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Hey Folks!
I have strange ideas to build a twin engine beach drag race / brain treatment motorcycle.
I was thinking of changing the end of the left crankshaft to the end of the right side. because in a twin-engine you have to get a decent primary drive on the left side. is there any information if it is possible?

I have a few blocks in stock, one was ruined by fixing it wrong. the rear top bracket of the engine has been repaired without a jig and welding has warped the block.
I will cut off the gearbox part and develop a cover plate for it. maybe it makes sense to leave the original bottom bracket so that the motor can be attached at three points.
this project is in line after I finish my daughter's drop seat w650 (standing since 2018), and after that I will finish the knucklehead (standing since 2015) as a 50th anniversary gift for myself, after which it is the turn to make the golden snow xs650 (standing since 2014), after that I get to do this double trouble. and making few cars is also on that list.
Tomorrow winter starts here and garage season is in the way.
if you have some links or pics of twin engine XS`s I would love to see them!