Whats your weather right now?

Sorry guys but I almost hate to post this with all the cold weather right now. Going south on a big boat tomorrow. A518E504-0BB7-4211-A4DF-76B079A390E3.jpeg89168EBB-97B4-4CBD-9844-4B3C06388593.jpeg0EA41363-53EE-4141-8DE6-3692EBD97784.png
At last the 1" of snow, been lying since last Monday, starting to melt away. According to the weather people, daytime temps over this last week have been up the giddy heights of 2 to 4 °C. But there hasn't been any sign of a thaw, not in our back yard anyhow.

Still plenty snow in evidence but I'm sure it's starting to disappear. Today feels damp with 10:10 cloud cover and slimy, filthy roads.

Don't need to go out today so don't think I'll bother. Instead of venturing out, we're painting a staircase.
More of this damn white stuff...


There was a Hawk or Falcon in my neighbors back yard this morning. Was too far away to tell which for sure. I'm guessing 1-1/2 to 2 ft tall. I've see him around here for ages... usually dining on a small bird or Squirrel. Edit: There's both... Hawk and Falcon about the same size that hang out here... reason I couldn't tell which.

This was shot through a screened window so the quality's pretty bad...

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24 and cold here
I'm in the heated shop but if we'd get some sun that heater wouldn't have to run as much
24 and cold here
I'm in the heated shop but if we'd get some sun that heater
It's now 20 out and I'm going to grill a couple of steaks
Of course one of the knobs was frozen got it to turn by using the lighter on it
Now time to put on insulated coveralls winter insulated boots and a sturdy pair of gloves
WE MN folks a hardy foolish bunch but damit I want some steaks tonight (before the sun sets)
Tucson AZ is about 2500 ft elevation. We had snow falling at our elevation! this does not happen very often. Mt Lemon, yes 7k and up. Not very often down here. It snowed about 45 min and never stuck.
White rain
Glorious sunny day in Scottish Borders. But up in the North, thanks to the peculiarities of Atlantic weather systems, it's actually very mild. Not going to say it feels like Spring, that would be ridiculous. But the birdies are singing with renewed enthusiasm, the light is good, dammit it does feel like Spring.

So to celebrate, I fired up the XS.
-1C right now. Weather forecast for tomorrow afternoon is snow…. 10-15cm. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will miss us. So far this season I haven’t used the snowblower! Our lawn is still 75% bare.