Whats your weather right now?

Moan, moan, moan. Scotland in the winter.
Mississippi :)

Yesterday, it was very warm, but with tornadoes. It was a little close for comfort. People were killed by them in Tennessee. The U.S. has some very dangerous weather.
13C and Windy
Rode out by the Thames River (no, not that one) this afternoon. Here's a picture of the back corner of a massive greenhouse which gets additional heat and CO2 from the Ethanol Plant across the street from it.
Different day but still cloudy.
Cardiff has turned into Manchester where it fu*kin’ rains constantly.
Today I put both Taffy and The Brat on SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice), a legal requirement in Blighty so I don’t have to pay Road Tax over winter. If I get caught using the bikes by the Plod (Police) under SORN it’s a fine and points on my licence. Roll on March 2024 I say.
Have a similar thing in NZ. Put the registration on hold. Have to redo the hold in 12 months if you want to keep it registered.

Like in my case I can register it for 3 months, ride it, then back on hold when I go back to Oz. Have to run it through a registered vehicle station to get it safety inspected, if it passes, register it for as long as required. Bike can have historical registration, (pre 83), for $59.00py.
Just south of Baltimore, North of Washington DC
First snow of the year. Was a surprise to me as thought it would be rain last night.
Mostly clear roads when going into work but some slush.
I had all day free Sunday and the rain stopped me from riding one of my other bikes so worked on the pulled engine instead.
Good! Wouldn’t want to run any more of those big black snakes into your house! ( I saw that photo you posted that showed that giant snake skin hanging by your window! ) 😬

By the window....that was through the screen, on the open window, about 2-3 ft from my head.....Just a 1.5meter baby Amethystine python. :laugh: