Whats your weather right now?

What? Dusting rocks?

Well sort of…..blowing leaves off of the rocks. 😎
Landscaping Leaf Blower GIF by JC Property Professionals

Or in your case polishing them. :laugh2:

Are you saying I’m OCD? 😆 I resemble that remark!
That puts you 1hr east of me. Florida?
Yessir, the best part of Florida. SW FL north of Ft. Myers and south of Sarasota. Still largely unspoiled and vastly different from the stereotype of high-rises on the beach. None of that here. This is a workman's holiday though...still repairing Hurricane Ian damage.
She sang
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Plow/salter trucks are out. All over except the shoveling.
Darn KC guys punted it up here!
At this time of year I’d be a gambler and wait for Mother Nature to melt it for me.😎 Hope we don’t see that stuff for a while yet!
I was surprised that you are at close to the same latitude as we are. For some silly reason I always think all continental US states are south of us.
Darn KC guys punted it up here!

Well, at least I did warn ya it was commin'. I mean.... how else would you have known? :er:
Happiness is having a lot less than the forcastemators said we'd get.... maybe an inch an' a half at most. I'm tempted to see if it'll melt off al by itself...

Foggy, gray and 40 degrees out. The sun will probably burn through around 2:30 pm, right before it gets dark again at 4'ish. Yay.
I like it when the melted snow freezes in layers inside the heater intake cowling, after a few such days...! Wait'lspring to use heater again... Bless y'all fer yer tough winter...gimmie Summersanyday.
First Snow Last Night
Now -2C at 5:15. Snow after midnight and the ground, windshield, sidewalks were warm enough to melt the first layer on to wherever it fell so the leaf blower wouldn't touch it.
Here the City needs 5cm or so to bring out plows and salters, so none of that this time.
Last year City had a contest to nickname its snow removal equipment - some wag came up with my favorite- Gordie Plow.....(Detroit reference)