XS650 Axle vs. years?????????????

I got a fun one for ya. I just grabbed the axles out of my bin of parts from my 83’ XS HS. I hard tailed it. It’s got 1/4” axel plates. What do I have? What do I need?
66A81279-24C7-4346-A826-033358B55939.jpeg A3B1F3A2-AFA3-4FB9-94AA-0A9AFC412F78.jpeg BDB1B445-6EC8-46FB-8697-EE8777ADD6C6.jpeg
Yamaha XS1, XS2, TX650, XS650 Rear Drum Brake Axles and Spacers

70-73 256-25381-00 Rear Axle, 20mm Dia, 250mm length
74-84 341-25381-00 Rear Axle, 20mm Dia, 275mm length

70-73 90387-20201-00 (256-25383-00) Right Spacer, 15.2mm length
74-84 90387-20444-00 (341-25383-00) Right Spacer, 24.9mm length

70-84 90387-20176-00 (256-25377-00) Left Spacer, 30.9mm length
70-84 256-25367-00 Left Dust Cover

70-84 90171-18008-00 (256-25382-00) Axle Nut, M18-1.5mm, 27mm (1-1/16") Wrench

Great information, do you have original swingarm inner dimensions for 74 and later... I try get "custom" spacers to my hardtail.