1. A

    The latest and greatest (and stupid expensive) in lightweight components

    Just surfing the internet, looking at stuff I definitely don't need. But still fascinate me: Carbon fiber wheels. It is now possible to get a front wheel that weighs 2.5 kg/ around 5.5 lbs. From BST and others: https://blackstonetek.com/motorcycle-products/ Composite brake discs. Around HALF...
  2. eyewinder

    Rim width recommendations? (Front vs Rear sizing)

    Just about ready to order a new set of spoked wheels for my ’80 Special, but I'm still undecided about the rim widths. From my research, the following widths appear to be reasonable upgrades for 100/90-19 and 110/90-18 tire sizes: - 2.15" front and 2.5" rear - 2.5" on both ends Are there any...
  3. lakeview

    Complete New Wheels From XS650 Direct

    XS650 Direct has a listing for brand new front and rear wheels. Has anyone seen these in person and if so, any comments about the hub casting fit and finish, rim brand, assembly quality and so on. They are pretty spendy, especially the rear, but when one adds up the cost of the components and...
  4. Muckroot

    unknown Wheel identification

    Hello, Bit of a newbie question but I recently bought an 1975 XS650B and subsequently discovered that the forks that were installed on the bike were XS400 forks, and totally don't fit the bike (the stem is too short). Because of this I've gone ahead and bought 34MM forks from a fellow forum...
  5. G_YamTech_314

    Wanted - Disc mag wheels no tires

    Looking to score a set of decent condition mag wheels with a rear disc (not the rare and expensive drum mag rear) I'd highly prefer no tires included, as I'll need to buy new anyways, and it makes shipping cost a ton. Who's got 'em? Much appreciated
  6. S

    Little Wheel Help

    Hey Everyone. Pretty new to the site and really new to these bikes. Picked up a 1979 basket case from a guy and went with a TC Bros hard tail. Picked up some wire wheels from a guy who said he had them on a 79 project as well. Had them shipped to me and went to put them on to start my build...
  7. GeorgeOC

    Sold / Found / Inactive - SOLD- XS650 Front and Rear Hub 1976

    For sale, for any reasonable offers + shipping from 92675... A set of OEM XS650 hubs, originally from a 76' model. The front is disc, left or right, 36h. The rear is drum, 48h. The rear does not include the drum plate. These would be excellent candidates for a powdercoat, or a vapor hone...
  8. M

    Wheel Compatability

    Looking to build my tracker with mags and disks. Can anyone tell me if 77 RD400 or 77 XS500 wheels and disks will fit my 83 XS650? SR500 wheels are hard to find. Anyone know of any other options out there?
  9. E

    Wanted - laced wheels

    Looking for a set of laced wheels for my 1980 xs650. Has disc rear brakes, if that matters. Located in NW Iowa, would prefer to pick up somewhat locally. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  10. J

    For Sale - tx650 engine

    I have a tx650 engine that has good compression but is missing the points covers and the majority of the points components, it has the compression release on it which from what I have read makes it a 73 if im not mistaken, I also have a front end minus the top clamp I have a set of mag wheels...
  11. B

    For Sale - Drilled Mags with Knobbies

    Mags from a 1980. Tires have 0 miles on them. Front- Bridgestone Trail Wing 39 90/100-19 Rear Duro Median 130/90-16 $200 takes it all I have rotors and a sprocket I'll throw in for $20 extra. Pick up in Kansas City
  12. T

    XS650 Mags to Spoke Swap

    I'm currently working on 81' and am in the process of swapping a 19 Front mag disk and 16 rear mag drum to a set from a 75' that is a 19 front spoke disk and a 18 rear drum. What are, if any, problems that I might run into? Do i need to swap the disks as wheel when I swap the wheels? I have the...
  13. Gcraay

    Colors colors colors, what to choose.

    I have a custom build going the tracker...ish way. I have the mag rims drilled out with four holes. My color scheme is a iron skillet color, not black, but brand new skillet grey. and burnt orange..ish with a hint of white here and there. I'm looking for ideas for the rim color. I'm...
  14. Snikare

    Need a new elusive Right Side Rear Wheel Spacer and Dust cover. Please help.

    I was riding along not too long ago, when I thought I must have run through a pot hole. Turns out the internal race and bearing in the rear wheel totally failed on me. In the process it mangled my right side/ disc brake side wheel spacer and dust cover... Now that I'm tearing it apart to...
  15. zeroxs650

    Tires on Mag Wheels

    I am looking to put tires on my 1977 XS and will be using Mag wheels from a 1981 Special. Could those who have mags please post pics and size of your tires and manufacturer brand? I am trying to decide on the size as well as tread pattern. Thanks in advance.......
  16. O

    Sprocket pattern 1980 xs650

    I'm looking for an 18t 530 front sprocket for my 1980 xs650 standard. I see two different style inner patterns, one is small teeth, the other is more of a hexagon shape with square teeth notched out. Thanks!
  17. M

    Newer Swingarm on Older Model

    Hey everyone, As the title reads, I am looking at installing a newer (1974-1984 models) swingarm with bracing on my 1973 TX650. I want to do this for better support and handeling, but also because my 130/90 tire seems to rub on the right side of the current swingarm. However, this seems to...
  18. gggGary

    Front axle, hub and spacer dimensions 73 on

    For Arctic who's doing an oddball swap. But may be useful for others. key words 34mm 35mm axle forks spacers speedometer drive speedo thickness mm length diameter collar thread threads fork spacer
  19. B

    GSXR fork with Harley 21" Whos done it

    Title says it all. Who's done it and how. I'm aware there is machining, spacers, allballs bearings involved but Im looking for spacer size, which axle used etc.. It seems people start and explain a little on it but then the end result is never finished. Drop your knowledge on me............
  20. jzanutto

    New to the XS650, need some wheel info

    hey all, thanks for letting me join your forum. I'm now on yet another forum.... I've lost count. I'm not new to builds, but this is my first try at a XS650 tracker. my basic plan is to keep the rear drum, and lace up a 19" rear. Buchanan already said no issues, they just need my rim size...