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$47.61 for 24 months with PayPal Credit*
US $189.00 Standard Shipping from outside US
Well if I can take 2 years to pay it of well... Hell of a deal :poo:
Definitely unique:


Spotted this one today at our local once a year vintage swap meet.

The tank, side panels, seat and chrome were pristine looking (fork ears were a little tweaked looking). Non-original mufflers of course, as they were always prone to rotting out pretty badly...but they were nice looking aftermarket units.

Certainly the nicest 77 I've ever seen and in my opinion it was priced very well.

I'd a bought it in a heartbeat if the 77 colors were my thing.

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Same bike as mine... I am not using the original tank, but have it hanging from a rafter. What I don't have is the correctly painted side covers; mine are black. Maybe I'll get inspired to do some paintwork....