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😲not much ‘72 XS left on this bike - although looks like a nice build - I doubt there will be any takers at 8K, if we are there on prices I’m selling out ;-)
There is someone out there with F.U. money that cannot change their own oil that has to have that. Think about people paying high 5 figures for tricked out Harley baggers that you can't ride 5 miles without pissing blood. I guess there's an ass for every seat, the trick is arranging the meeting.

I'm thinking you might be able to find some closer than Spain?
cough, Baron of Baraboo has a set like that with FAST shipping.

Dedication of the courthouse clock last night included a showing of Back to the Future at the Al Ringling Theater.


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Im not even sure how low mine is, to be honest?
The last three of the VIN # is the tell. Back then Yamaha started production at #101.... 0 to 100 being reserved for factory bikes for testing and whatnot. So #101 is the first production bike sold.

Iirc... Gary's bike is in the first 50.