1981 XS650H wheels/tires tube/tubeless

Personally, I've never tried the Dyna-beads and probably never will. I stick with the old fashioned weights on the wheels. My dealer stopped using the Dyna-beads because he had problems. If any moisture gets into the tire or tube, they can clump up and that throws the balance off big time.
As one of my friends pointed out, if Dyna Beads are so great, why don't the car manufacturers use them? Think about the hundreds of thousands of new cars every year that they could save money on by not having to balance the tires.
Good idea but it's not a big deal to roll it out of the way when it's on its own wheels.

At least I don't have to pull the car out to get the bike out. :)
Well, we're talking about if it is down for an extended period of time because the wheels are removed, let it spend that "down time" in front of the car.