Interesting motorcycles, not XS650

I have got the impression that few on this forum rate the TX/ XS500 very highly. But some British racers/ race bike builders apparently do. And won the Classic Senior Manx Grand Prix last year.....Just a couple of pics from the August issue of "Classic Bike" magazine:


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Miss Lolita with some wax and MOT Tuesday
Needs a front Tyre

I did not se anything in the stock mirrors so i took them off and put one on the bar end
Illegal post 2004 but this being 2000 it passed I did not know Pure Luck
23 year old. But still quick Needs to pay attention. If in doubt use high gear and low rpm


Ran across this odd duck at the Vintage Motorcycle show in Owosso yesterday...
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...interesting to find out some of them were actually made in Owosso...learn something new every day
Soon as I saw that I knew it was a Jim Bede design. That website even has a BD5 trike. 'Bout 10yrs ago I gave away a BD5 kit. Wishin' now i'da kept it. Can you imagine a an XS650/BD5 trike? Wow... :geek:

I read the write up on the speedway looking XS. It's from Limey Bikes in Austin (same builder as the blue 750 tracker posted above it). He said he had a conversation with another builder how the XS650 was the best Triumph twin ever built. They decided to have a build off/drag race only being able to spend $1k on the motor. He wanted to make the bike as light as he could resulting in what you see above.
ZTZ makes me think czech. Liquid cooled 250?? 2 stroke twin. Design, details, and castings look very low volume, low tech.