Bridgeport (clone) build thread on XS650, Yay or Nay?

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Mike G

Mike G
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Disclaimer: The only XS content here is that my friend and I first met because we both worked at Montgomery Wards in high school, he rode in to work in the summer on a 1979 XS650 Special and I was/am a motorcycle nut. He also helped introduce me to my future ex-wife but I don't hold that against him...

I hinted at my next project in the “Parts Bike” thread. I needed to complete that project in order to make room and move the next project into the basement. After a short delay for a cracked vertebrae (not mine, my friends) it arrived this weekend. It’s a 1986 Bridgeport clone - Supermax 16VS build it yourself kit.

So here’s the starting point. Most of it is in the basement…

The base and knee are in the garage patiently waiting cleanup and paint stripping before also making the trip into the basement…

The head is on an engine stand ready for the remainder of the disassembly so I can paint it…obviously that won’t take long.

I’m of two minds on posting this here. One is that it’s an interesting project for you guys to watch someone who has never used, much less assembled a basket case vertical mill go through the process. Two is that this, while interesting to me, has virtually no motorcycle content much less XS content and belongs in a machining specific forum like Practical Machinist, Home Shop Machinist, etc.

Sooo, I’m going to let you guys vote on whether to move forward here or move along to a more appropriate forum.

If the Yay's prevail, I will start a build thread in The Garage.

If the Nay's prevail, I will post the before and after when/if I make chips.

Aaaaand GO!
You want a welcome parade??? Haha.

Post away! - they don’t like, they don’t look.

Here or the lounge, what’s the difference? It’s 1 thread, hardly clutter.

72 views, 3 yay and 0 nay. Looks like it’s been approved. Haha
Full disclosure: I may be biased. ;)


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