My $Free.99 Project

got the frame painted (used KBS coatings system). once the paint is cured, reassembly can commence! At least I can get it to a roller and install the motor later on... Exciting!!!
it's DEF not the best looking paint job, but it's functional and way better than before!!!
Wannabridin there is a little secret I will share with you. SSSSHHHHH, don't tell any one. My Red Bike sat in my garage, on a stand, forks and swingarm, pipes etc off. I scrubbed the frame that would show with soap and water and a scotch pad. I wiped it down with alcohol and shot it with Rustoleum. The truth is very little of the frame shows and I paid attention to those areas. The exhaust hides the frame or distracts visually The pegs, sidecovers, seat, fender draw the visual. What I am saying is you will be real pleased when all the bits go back together. Now if I wanted/needed to take the engine out I would do a more thorough job, maybe a KBS or more.
Got some lighting figured out. Front turn signal mounts and possible driving light mounts are next.


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