My mistress "the dirty screamer" build log

I found it at Princess Auto. Im not sure if you have that franchise down there. Thought it looked good and for $30 you cant go wrong.
Movie hahaha thats one i dont want to see lol. Ive been doing good so far i paid $60 for the tank and im sure that was a deal. I did some looking for an old bsa tank like that and im pretty sure its worth around $200.
- its getting hard to find ones with good chrome, emblem, no scratches, dings etc with cap and petcock...have been looking for a good one for quite a while for my 57 goldstar...good deal and nice choice
Does anyone know were I can get a set of clip on handle bar clamps for 7/8 bars? Just the fork clamps. I want to cut up the origanal bars to save some coin. Cheap but good lol you know the deal hahaha

Well just ordered a bunch of engine parts from mikesxs and a pamco pete ignition hmmm cant wait, and just finished repainting the engine block last night. Baby steps.

Tonight "valve lapping"
I went with black on the top end with shaved cooling fins and silver on the bottom (still need to paint the silver). The paint was some no name cheap stuff that I needed to bake in the oven to cure. Is there any good sivler heat paint that doesnt need to be baked in the oven?