New owner 82 xs650 heritage special.

Oh ok, I looked up the difference and there is a large one. I was kind of confused before. The add on ebay also said cdi box. I think it is just a loosely used term.
Most parts sellers on Ebay are bike breakers. They break down bikes just to sell parts and don't really know much about any bike, much less our XS650's.
Thats part of the problem, sellers don't know what they have or what they are worth. Newbies don't know whats what and buy wrong parts and get stuck because the sellers say no returns.
I have often written sellers to point out the mistakes, even told them about Mike's XS to get some idea of worth. I did this a few days ago and one seller dropped his prices 175%.
Some just cuss me out, other say thanks.
Just be aware that most don't care, just want your money.
Ask questions, if no or poor answers don't buy from that seller.
I oops on the % of reduction, it is 75% not 175%
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Ok, so I got my new coil and hooked it up and there is random/weak spark now. This is better than no spark. I took voltage at the tci plug and the diagram I posted here is what I found. I also realized that the po had the rectifier and tc plugs flip flopped. I also replaced original fuse block with inline fuses. Both leads at the coil are hot with the full 11.32 volts my batter had when the test was done. It is on the charger now. Any ideas?


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11.32 is a bit low. That voltage should be a red/white wire. The TCI don't likw low voltage. As the voltage drops the TCI starts losing function. No advance, low spark, erratic spark, eventually no spark.
Power comes from the engine stop switch on a red/white wire to the coil and the TCI box. This wire is the one to check for voltage. in your diagram you have the red/white wire marked red.
in your plug the white/black wire is slot one, counting clockwise around the plug, #2 is the red/white wire, #3 is orange, #$ is black/white, #5 is white/red, #6white/green, #7 is black.
#1 is white/black is the wire to the side stand relay, it can be left unhooked.
#2 is red/white battery power in.
#3 is orange, this wire is the ground wire from the coil, turns coil on/off.
#4, #5, #6 are the wires to the pick ups on the stator.
#7 is the ground.
Now when you turn the key on and spin the engine over power flows to the TCI box and coil on the red/white wire. As the engine turns over the magnet in the rotor passes the pick ups. This generates a tiny voltage in the pick ups which is sent to the TCI box. The TCI box uses this voltage to tell the crank position and engine rpms.
The TCI uses these signals to tell when to spark.
The coil gets battery power on the red/white wire, this voltage goes through the primary side of the coil, out the orange wire to the TCI. The TCI turns on the transistor to send the voltage on the orange wire to ground so power can flow. When the TCI gets the right signals from the pick ups it turns the transistor off, stopping power flow, causing the coil the spark.
The path the spark takes is out one plug wire to the plug, jumps the gap to the engine, across the engine to the other plug, jumps the gap to the plug, up the plug wire back to the coil.
There can be several causes of weak spark, fouled plugs, a bad plug wire, bad plug caps, bad coil, low battery power to the coil or TCI.
Your low battery charge maybe it. Once charged recheck voltages at the red/white wire at the TCI and the coil. If this voltage is more than .2 or .3 less than battery voltage you have weak connections somewhere along the red/white wire. Usually in the key switch or engine stop switch. They can both be taken apart and cleaned.
You can, for testing jump straight from battery + to the red/white wire at the coil, Leave the engine stop switch off and kick the engine.
New plugs are a good idea at this point. Pull the plug wires out one side off the bike, plug in the plugs and hold the plugs together, metal to metal. This way you can watch both plugs fire.
On the coil you now have on there did you test the ohms? Both primary and secondary? Primary around 2.5 ohms, secondary around 8-15,000 ohms, Another 10,000 with caps. Infinity to ground. If any of these are to far off your spark maybe weak.
Another thing, if the signal from the pick ups are weak the magnet in the rotor may be weak.
Radio Shack sells a rare earth magnet that works well to fix that. Go to your local Radio Shack get item # 64-1895, $2.19 A two pack of 3/16 rare earth magnets, Stop by somewhere and get some JB Weld. Now take the stator off the bike, just enough to get room to clean off the magnet in the rotor. Place one of the magnets on the rotor magnet. Mark the top with something, White out a magic marker, whatever, this way you will get the magnet on right. Mix up a dab of the JB Weld as directed on the package, lift off the magnet, apply a dab of JB Weld on the rotor magnet, put the maget back on the rotor with your mark out. Let dry.
do a few more checks and let us know.
I put a new push button start, and kill switch on today and both of those work now. They are kind of rigged up, but that is ok for now. I will make mounting plates for them later.
Also, I tested the sidestand relay today and it is toast. Maybe that is the issue or part of it? I applied voltage to the terminals and instead of any clicking, it just smokes and starts to burn like the little switch inside is stuck.
ITS ALIVE! Holy crap! I put a jumper wire in where the side stand relay was and it fired right up! It likes to start with the kick start more than the electric starter. It took some coaxing and a little starting fluid and the thing idles fine and everything. It does need a little bit of carb tinkering and I didn't have the airbox on so it was backfiring out the carbs so I didn't run it for too long. That thing sure was smokin though, I wonder how long it has been sitting for. So long story short, 325 dollars later I got a running xs. Thanks for all your help! Yamaha should be paying you guys!
Depending on what terminals you fed power to, then yes you smoked the relay. Just chuck it now.
Yes they often do start better with the kick start. While kicking all the battery does is power the ignition, while using the starter the battery has to power the ignition and the starter. The starter draws much more from the battery so whats left for the ignition is much less.