Electric Start Instalation for 1982 xs650


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I want to install an electric start for my 82 xs650. What else do I need besides the starter motor, starter solenoid, and the starter gears? The first owner of the bike removed the electric start and I’m planning to install a new one. Thank you
If he also removed the starter safety relay, I'd put that back on too. It cuts power to the starter once the motor is running.


There's a shaft that runs left to right in the bottom of the cases (#10) you know if that was left in?

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I’m in the process of doing this myself on my 81 xs pop the starter motor cover off the bike on the left hand side this will give you a idea of what’s been left on the bike. If you’re unlucky like me you will find it’s been totally removed. If this is the case it will be a engine out job as im finding out
I believe you only have to remove the engine is if the shaft that the last 2 gears ride on is not there. People don't normally remove it because you have to heat the case and then press it out. I think @Signal mentioned that.
I'm sure that shaft #10 can be installed with the engine in the bike.
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ts such a to do to remove the starter post most people leave it in. You do have to split the cases to install the transfer shaft (#10 in post 6) you can remove the bottom case without removing the top end. Just remove the 8 x 17mm stud nuts on the top and the bolts at the rear of the top case. You have to remove all the lower nuts though.
Don't forget the one behind the clutch.:)
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And just because there's differing opinions on the matter....

I know of one dipshit who put the case halves together without the transfer shaft. When he discovered his mistake, he spent a couple hours trying to fit it without taking it all back apart. Finally, he I said fuck it, and took the damn thing back apart to fit the shaft.... fucking moron....
The question is did he remove the gear and shaft that transmits the power over to the clutch side? That can only be replaced with cases split. Everything else is pretty simple, available.
i think he did because i checked and it was not there
I was sure I was right about the shaft so I dug out a empty case and shaft. Sure enough shaft slides right in.
But you still have to split the cases. There is no way to get the gear in.:whistle:
Not questioning your finding Greg. Hell, it's been at least 5-6yrs since I did it... so very fuzzy on the specifics. But it sticks in my mind that there was a clearance issue 'tween the shaft and the tranny gears. One of the gears rubbed just enough that I couldn't line the shaft up with the holes, or something like that. Dunno... like I said... fuzzy.
Doesn't matter about the shaft, you still have to split the cases to put the gear in.