Tubed tire on a tubeless rim.. without a tube??

It's the same place I bought my 09 Suzuki boulevard from so that's kinda why I thought I'd return to them for some more business. They have been great to me overall.
Thanks again everyone.
I think the question here should be does Shinko say the tires you bought are ok to run tubeless. Did you ask Shinko the wrong question?
that is what I was thinking as well...... perhaps a secretary answered the email and only repeated what she was told !
really hard to say but I am surprised that they said that !!!!!!!!! I thought all tires sold now days can be ran tubeless !
but then I have been proven wrong before ! LOL !..... Numerous times in fact ! , in fact so many times I can't remember them all.... ( you get the point I won't belabor the fact any more ! LOL ! :laughing:
He has a Shinko 240 classic tire which Shinko lists as a tube tire on their website and the tire says tube type on it.
it could be that they were manufactured 50 years ago too ! with the standards of the day OR made the exact same way to make them truly
a Classic tire...... I don't buy classic tires and they may well be a different animal than regular tires ! I have no idea ! seams strange to me that a new tire can't be used as tubeless ....period ! I guess they stamp it on there for a reason !!!!!!
LOL me either but you cannot trust Manufacturers to sell you Newly manufactured tires ...some times they set in storage for years before
being shipped out for sale....
I think it more likely that they made a Truly Classic tire ! unfortunately that includes the NEED for a tube ! LOL.....
hehehe live and learn !!!!!!
Ahhhh Gorilla snot is cheaper and easier to use just put it in through the valve core !
it coats the inside of the tire completely and you have no leaks !!!!!
its good shit ! I've used it many times on bikes, cars and even Gyros.... I don't know the proper name but it's neon green in the bottle at Tractor supply ! and many places Flat fix comes to mind but I dunno for sure....Green goo maybe ??? HAHAHHAH !
....However in a pinch you can take out the valve core and using a piece of vinyl tubing Put it over the valve core and pour a can of condensed milk into the tire..... the thicker than Air liquid will seal many small holes and even cuts .... this is an old ranch trick as well as a dry horse turd into the radiator to stop radiator leaks ! ....don't laugh it WORKS !!!!!! HAHAHHA !
No,No ! you put the shit In the radiator ! ....
Used that method to plug the radiator in a gas powered D2 crawler back in the ancient days ! it worked ! it would leak out about a gallon an hour ...after the dried horse turds.... ( plural ) crumbled up and dropped into the radiator while the engine was running
it quit leaking for probably 3 or 4 years before a new turd needed added to freshen it up ! LOL
Seriously ! it really does work ! AHHAHAHAHA I know it sounds absurd but upon asking an old timer about using sage in a radiator
he laughed and said I just put an old dry horse nugget in there ! ya don't need sage boy !
.... I went home and tried it and I was delighted to find the old timer was right ! plugged the leak but good !
..... the fine things you miss out on by not being raised in the back of beyond ! LOL
..... things like Canned milk for patching tires, horse shit for patching radiators,where to rub your noggin for headaches , and where to look for those onery cows that got out ! .... not to mention how to split wood, feed the horses, cows,pigs, chickens and Dogs.and all the other endless work that needs done on a ranch ! ..... Now I remember why I left ! LOL too damm much work !