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Hello, I lost the key to my bike and installed a new one, everything was working fine including lights, ignition, and horn. I recently redid the carbs and put on aftermarket intakes, after installing the tank back on and plumbing everything, nothing comes on at all. When turning key, nothing happens and no lights come on either. I checked for loose connections everywhere and couldn’t find one and the battery is on the maintainer and should be good. I checked the diy connections of the new ignition and all was good still. Any suggestions? I checked the oem air box and there’s no electrical connections or sensors, and I plugged the connection from the tank in as well.

With the new intakes, I was also wondering what to do with the vacuum lines.

I’m definitely a novice with electrical work so could have easily overlooked something. Please let me know even the most basic solution.
You wired it wrong. I don’t think you can trust the colors on the switch wires. What you should have done was order a new key. The code is on the lock.

As for the vacuum, I assume your new manifolds have barbs. If your bike is a standard, the barbs on 1 and 4 go to the nipple on the left and right petcock respectively. The vacuum advance connects to the barb on carburetor #2.
If you have a Special, the barb on #1 goes to the spidervalve mounted on top of the carburetors between 1 and 2.

There isn’t much XS11 help here. Go to XS11.club. Good help and archive there.
Thank you! I’ll check out the other forum as well.
As for the wiring, I don’t think that’s it’s because after I installed the new one everything worked including the ignition. I didn’t go by color because it came with randomly colored wires and I had to trace them back to see which was which
Yes the new manifolds have barbs so thank you for that, I’ll set that up today. I have the midnight special so it should be the second way you mentioned.
Yes. The Midnight has a central vacuum fuel shutoff valve. (Spidervalve or octopus)

You may search “octopus” at XS11.club for more info. Many folks favor removing it though I’m not in that camp.
Thank you guys for your suggestions,
It turned out to be a loose wiring connection right after the battery I must’ve bumped. Fixed it and the bike started right away