1. Tlted_Jelli

    1983 XS650 New Owner and That Famous Whirring Sound

    Hello All, Just recently purchased a 1983 XS650 that had been converted to a hardtail bobber here is South Jersey. No idea how many miles are on the bike. So far as I can tell it has an XS PMA Charge System and a Pamco Ignition installed with the mechanical auto-advancer. Looks like the frame...
  2. TwoManyXS1Bs

    Yamaha XS1 Prototype pictures

    Found a Japanese Motorcyclist magazine, May 1969, on eBay. The seller posted pictures of an article on the XS1 Proto, possibly spy pics. Snagged some copies from the listing. Cleaned-up, resized...
  3. Travis

    2019 XS650 Calendar VOTE HERE!

    Vote for the XS650s you'd like to see in the 2019 XS650 Calendar! It's time to Vote! This will be the seventh year for the XS650 Calendars! As usual, Shawn (samoran1) is the person putting them together for us. The nomination stage is over and the ones that were nominated, seconded, and...
  4. R

    My Xs hard tail style build

    hey guys I actually finished this build a year ago. Not much but I’m proud of it and without this website would have never been able to get this far. Tc Bros hard tail and forward controls Wise guy intake Kick start with Hugh’s PMA Pandemonium exhaust 21 inch front 18 in rear Cheers
  5. denisducati750

    Bugger. What is this part?

    I have just realised that I've not put this part where it's meant to go - having already reassembled my engine as a first timer. What is it and what does it do? Feeling depressed at having to pull cam chain and top apart again.:wtf:
  6. system9

    Childrens Bicycle as an engine stand

    I made a really sturdy portable engine stand from an upside down childrens bicycle. Obviously bicycle forks are very sturdy, and everything on the bicycle is height adjustable and rotatable. I turned the handle bars around and laid them flat so it will not tip. The wooden box it sits on has 2...
  7. CoconutPete

    Uhh .. What happened to this tank? Is it an XS650 tank?

    I bought this tank on the forums. I looked at the pictures and though it looked like a normal XS650 Special tank. The description said "dent free" and single petcock so I thought it was a suitable replacement for my dual petcock dented tank so I jumped on it. Now I have the tank and it...
  8. A

    100% homebuilt Swedish Tracker finished!!

    Finally!! The bike is on the road,today was the Official inspection from the Swedish "Vehicle-inspection"....passed with no remarks,absolutely 100% road legal!! It has been a timeconsuming but fun project,the goal was to do ALL work,machining of parts,painting and so on all by my self....and so...
  9. F

    XS2 1972

    try to show my bike...
  10. B

    Asheville area ride

    Drove from Tampa back to upstate N.Y. the other day via Asheville NC. Did a loop up 276 with a spin on the BRP then west down the mountain and back on 215. Gorgeous views of course and classic twisties. 215 may be the most fun stretch of road I've ever done, so had to do the 215 east side of the...
  11. gggGary

    OW72 Yamaha factory flat track racer; truth, rumour, and innuendo

    Some OW72 info A cycleworld article. feel free to post up any info you may have
  12. E

    I have a wire but don't know where it goes

    hello I had to dismount and paint my battery compartment and when I put it back I have a little black wire about 10cm long with round terminal with hols to be screwed. Does anybody know where it goes ? My bike is 1H1 1978 Europ model
  13. 7

    New here, 75 brat/bobber/make it mine build!

    Hello everyone new member ,long time creeper haha. So i figured that I might as well start this thing off right by an intro and an insight to my build . So 2 weeks ago I picked up a 75 that someone had put a tracker rear section on and rode it a total of 3 days and decided...sweet I not my kind...
  14. gggGary

    Cleaning up a rusty rear brake drum

    got one wheel together today and a set of bearings for another rear hub are on the way so it was time to clean up the rear drum. I buy sitters and barn bikes often as not watter has gotten in the rear hub. sometimes the shoes have fallen off the carriers usually there is rust on the surface of...
  15. Gradientthorr

    First Build: 1979 Trackerthingymajiggerwhatchamacallit

    Well, it's about time I get with the program. As you can already tell, this is my first thread of my first build on my first forum. Yes I'm a noob. But, I've been around for a bit. I've worked for Hugh at Hugh's HandBuilt for about 2 years. I've helped build Tevan's Ruby, Hugh's Slight Hell...
  16. XSCody

    1981 XS650 Bobber/Brat build.

    I've been working on this project on and off for about 6 months now. I'm just finally getting around to making a build thread so its going to be a little picture heavy to start out with. I don't have too much experience with bikes so I've just been using my best judgment on things. Let me know...
  17. Joe24

    Advice on purchase of 79' 650

    Hey folks! First post! :) I am about to pull the trigger on a purchase. But, the bike is very far away and I am not well versed with bikes in general. I'm linking a photo album and a video sent by the seller. Please have a look and give me advice on whether or not this is an acceptable...
  18. pekka

    Shifter fork wear question (with pics!)

    Hello all, I recently tore down my engine because of couple of issues 1) small ends are loose and 2) steel chips in oil filter. One time the cylinder bottom gasket slipped and ended up in the engine. It then found its way to the oil filter. The filter tore apart and the chewed gasket went...
  19. A

    2016 SR400, still looking great

    A link to the Norwegian Importer page: In Yamaha racing colors straight from the factory, and looking a lot better than the XSR700 and 900, IMHO. The engine is now a 400, basically a shorter stroke 500, so not...
  20. pamcopete

    North and South

    Here is a picture from South Carolina taken this morning. The Sunny South. Anybody riding today north or south of South Carolina, post a picture.