1. gggGary

    Back in the day.

    He had the passion.
  2. XStretchified650

    Did you ride on Christmas?

    Post a photo if you rode. No snow....not too cold...had to go! XStretchified
  3. YAM277

    Cush Springs Replaced

    Some pics showing the procedures taken to modify the clutch. There is an album on my account with quite a few more pictures. Album with 87 pics Here is the kit at Mikes-
  4. Travis

    2016 XS650 Calendar VOTE HERE!

    Vote for the XS650s you'd like to see in the 2016 XS650 Calendar! It's time to Vote! The XS650 Calendars have been a hit the last few years. As usual, Shawn (samoran1) is the person putting them together for us. It was a quick round of nominations and the ones that were nominated...
  5. A

    anyone use tan or dark brown leather om their cafe seats/grips?

    I am wondering if anyone has went with a tan or dark brown leather on the seat and/ or grips with the red/white paint combo? I am wondering how that looks. I am thinking of making. My color scheme black for most every thing except the paint(frame,engine covers and possibly wheels also(. I really...
  6. M

    New Build

    I aquired this bike in the most unusual way and i have greatly admired these bikes for some time so i am anxious to dive in to this build. Helo me get started?:eek:
  7. YAM277

    Yes! This is a "Blanking Plug"!!!

    Sorry! Gotta go to the last pic, to see what it is. Putting my cases back together and I did remember the F'n "Blanking Plug"! I also used the recommendation of HondaBond by two other Gurus, here on the forum. Here are my pics, which include the upgrades of the 5th gear overdrive and rephase...
  8. gggGary

    Retro look chevrons and badges Poll and opinions wanted

    A member has been looking into doing some (re) casting of early type chevrons and emblems that have been slightly revised to fit later side covers. Looking to see if there would be an interest in something like this? These would be cast out of pewter, you will would have to apply any...
  9. gggGary

    Listening to what an old hoss is trying to tell me, XS1 wake up

    She was an Iowa farm girl, The Weathervane Man had her parked in the garage behind this truck, After a tour of his projects and some interesting tales she came home with me. That was last summer and a couple of weeks ago "weathervane" went up on the lift. So like me this thread is going to...
  10. C

    CAST WHEELS black and polished

    Has anyone done a 18" rear and 19" cast wheels with black spokes(centre) and polished lip?????? Wanna know what it looks like before I do it
  11. W

    Well it was free

    Working on a buddy's RD350, and he's so happy it runs he gave me this project. Starts good, runs great, 1977 with a clean title. Everything is Jerry rigged really badly. I really needed another project. I'll put on new timing belts and then wonder what the hell to do with it. As long as they...
  12. funky

    Before and After pics

    I thought this may be intresting just post before and after Pictures of your build,,, the only stipulation is the the bike is finished BEFORE AFTER :D:thumbsup:
  13. S

    First Build! 81 XS Cafe

    So ive been meaning to start a build thread for my 81 xs650 I bought last May, so here it is!!! I bought the bike because I could use something to wrench on in my free time. So far shes given me ups and downs but with the help from you guys, I have made some progress!
  14. slister21

    Pics of my custom chopper build.

    Here are some of my pics from my current custom chopper build. Hope you enjoy them. I am at the point of installing the foot controls and then disassembly for paint. I will post more photos as I have time. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcomed. Scott
  15. F

    Emissions Placard

    I have a 1979 XS650 Special that I bought with Iowa title, when I went to register it at AAA in southern California, they said it was missing the federal emissions placard and could not be registered. It has the VIN stamped on the frame neck and Federal Safety placard on the frame neck that...
  16. Gcraay

    I did some frame measurement conversions

    I needed to make some sense out of the metric measurements. So I decided to share my figures. I used an online calculator so if there wrong..blame the internet.
  17. Z

    New member from Germany

    Hello XS-Drivers and XS-Addicted, I would like to post a short Introduction of my XS and me. My name ist Dietmar (male) and i´m 47 years old. I used to ride motorcycles since i was 20 years old. My first bike was a Yamaha FZ 750 from 1988 next one was a Honda XRV 650 "Africa Twin"...
  18. I

    Bought 78 xs650 now the learning begins. All help/comments welcome

    Hi everyone, I'm Daniel and I just bought my first motorcycle. I have ridden quite a few sport bikes in my day but never owned a bike myself. I have always wanted to buy a project and am extremely excited to start this one. I bought a 78 xs650 non-running from a guy out here in Dallas and I am...
  19. C

    show me your rear fender mounts

    hi guys a have decided to change my rear fender and just wanted to see how everyone else mounted theres, i used a sissy bar and bolt through seat support for my other one but this one covers alot more of the wheel and thicker
  20. D

    Bad ass bobber!!!

    Born n bred to rip n shred. Fuck the factories