Attention ( DADDY G CYCLES ) scammed $3500 from me DON't TRUST HIM...

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DaddyG Cycles scammed and robbed $3575 from me..

Below is my story and horrible experience I have had w Daddyg Cycles


Hi everyone this is my second or third time posting anything on this website and the only reason I m writing this is bc as my title says I got robbed by daddy g cycles ( R grant )on this website and wish there was this post before I gave him money so I would have known better to than have trusted him and that no one else has to go through what I have gone through and now currently what I am going to have to go through to get my money back. I went to him in the middle of JAN of 2011 to put a deposit on a bike and paid him completely off by the first week in MARCH of 2011. We have a signed contract stating a payment plan options, a date when the bike should be done for completetion and what parts where going on the bike etc.. Now its June 12th and the bike as stated should have been done 6 - 8 weeks ago and he will not and has not returned any of my phone calls and sends me to voicemail everytime also he disconnected his cell phone and i dont have his new cell phone number and as we all know everyone has a cell phone so i knew something was up when i called his cell phone and it was disconnected. The only way i can get in touch with him is by emailing him asking what was going on, and he simply ignores me and never tells me when it should be ready and the reason behind that now that i know of is bc the bike i have is totally in pieces and no where near ready to be done. I just got in touch with him today through emails and he told me he's not building my bike anymore ( not that he did anything major to it in the 5 - 6 months he had my bike the entire time anyways ) and that he does NOT have any of my money i sent him and that he spent my money and now has to sell his tools and other bikes before I see any of my money back. I gave this guy a total of $3575 between the dates of Jan 17 2011 and March 9 2011 to build me a bike that he advertises on here he can build and when push comes to shove he cannot come through in the timely fashion we have agreed on and signed a contract on and now when its coming to getting my refund back he simply does NOT have my money clearly and spent it and is telling me now I m going to have to wait to get my money back when he wants to give it to me and when he gets the money when he pawns and sells his bikes and tools. I see him post a lot of posts on here selling ends and odds for these bikes and he is good at that and i never heard anyone complain but when he comes to anything involving thusands of dollars in money i would not trust him and learn from my mistake. He is always saying he can rebuild motors and fix any one these bikes for anyone in the tri state ( ny & nj area ) and always says he needs all the money up front and his reason behind that is bc he has people not pay him but truth of the matter is he is a scammer and scammed me for $3575 and thinks i m going to take $2000 in cash ( WHEN HE GETS IT bc he SPENT my money ) and give me a box of motorcycle parts and that I should get another person to build my bike. This guy completley scammed me and the reason why i m writing this post is for the fact being that i found him on this website and I dont want anyone to go through what I have gone through and now what i m legally going to have to go through to get my money back. He always posts on here that he owned dealerships and been building bikes for 50 years but he is a horrible buisness person and now i learned why he is not in buisness anymore. Just bc someone says they have been building bikes for 30 plus years does NOT mean they are good at it. The thing that gets me is that he is still trying to get work off of this website mean while he hasnt done anything to my bike and had my full amount $3575 and refuses to give it back. I had to learn the hard way not to trust this guy and I dont wish what this guy did to me on my worst enemy. the kicker also is this guy wont talk to me in person or live on the phone and hides behind his computer screen. What lies are you going to tell these people now rich ? all you did rich is lie and tell me your a couple of weeks behind when in reality my bike was no where near ready. BOTTOM LINE fellow memebers is DON'T trust this guy for anything besides him selling used parts on here and ships em out bc anybody can post a pic of a 10 dollar turn signal and put it in a box and send it out to the post office. All he is good for is being a ebay seller and selling used parts and shipping them out. He is always posting how he makes harness . peg mounts, etc and sells em, and solitcies members on here but he cant build my bike and doesnt have my money to give me a full refund. Has any other members had any experiences with him like I have had ? And I'm not talkin about if you bought a $50 dollar part from the guy and you received it in a few days via fed ex etc, he told me he had 4 bikes to build and that he was done building after them, so there should be another 3 guys out there gettin bikes build by him waiting like i was. I hate to put the guy on blast via world wide web but right is right and wrong is wrong, at first he was a nice guy and made you feel comfortable but once he has your money you pretty much screwed. Thank you for reading if you did and I hope my post will help someone not get scammed and robbed like I did. I look foward to reading what rich has to say and what lies he comes up with bc like i said before he wont return my phone calls and scans my phone calls and emails me when he wants and never answers my questions i have and gives me the run around.
Wow.... its people like Daddy G that make it hard for people to trust home builders like myself. I think its a bunch of BS about you waiting to get your money back... I hope in the end it all works out for you... if nothing more than what little rep he had (if any) will be gone now
hey guys.. its the worst feeling to trust someone and meet and talk to them and than 5 months down the line you wanna know whats goin on with your build and to constantly get lied to and the run around. bottom line is he robbed me and he is a thief in my eyes. its been over 3 months and he has had all my money for the build $3575 and has not once returned one of my phone calls and ignores me. I Have been calling his house line since the beginning of april and its june now and not one phone call back

We have a contract if you cant or dont wanna build my bike thats fine rich but refund my FULL money back. he told me today that he is done building full bikes and wants to refund half of my money when he sells his tools ?? he had no problem taking my money orders i sent him to the bank to deposit them but now bein he doesnt wanna build bikes anymore he has a problem giving back my money bc he spent it and doesnt have it anymore... i just bascially dont want anyone else in the tri state area to go through what i m going through with this guy. gettin scammed and robbed is prob one of the worst feelings in the world you can go through but theres nothin I can do except wait longer now to get my money back through the courts. thank you guys for listening and just beware of him for the future..
If I was in your position I would hop in the truck with a big burly friend and go to his house/shop and get my bike, then if he is selling all these tools and bikes he probably has some tools and maybe even a bike or parts you would be interested in. I would grab my bike and see if he is serious about selling bikes/tools and taking what I want and work out a credit. If he isn't cool with that, then he is dicking you around and isn't serious about giving your money back at all.
xsjoel i dont want tools from this guy I want my money back or the bike built and he isnt serious about doing the right thing and giving me back my refund and has been screwing me since day one man... guy is a scam artist and a took my money and now he cant give it back to me bc he dont have it.. guys a thief / scammer man... it sucks that it happened to me but i just dont want this guy to do it to anyone else on this site that reads this..
I think you missed the point. Things change face to face. Pay him a visit or do it the legal way and cross your fingers.
The water is under the bridge. You ARE NOT getting all the money back, you are NOT getting your bike built. What you "want" no longer matters. What you can "get" is the best you can hope for. Yup go there get what ever you can to help recover your costs. Blood, turnip etc. If he's broke he's broke you won't get what he ain't got. The sooner you get there the better your odds of getting something out of your investment. Take the rest in the form of a "life lesson" Even if you eat most of the money it may end up being a cheap lesson in the long run. Don't compound things by getting yourself in legal trouble because $3500 just ain't worth it.
Damn.... Its a shame how one person can ruin the reps of others by one dumb ass move. I would be just as pissed, and id definitely grab a few burly friends and go knockin on his door. Best of luck, and DaddyG, you lost any chance of ever gettin my business. Whether this is true or not (which i believe you frank) I wouldnt take the chance on you. Hope everything gets all worked out!
gggGary knows wassup. If he is selling stuff to pay you back, get there and take anything he has of value as credit towards his balance. That's the best you are gonna probably get ever. And he won't have a problem with it if he honestly plans on paying you back.
And people wonder why credible and trustworthy builders all cost so much. They have a lot of shit to deal with rather than just knowing how to turn a wrench and stack dimes on steel.

I have worked as an electrician for several years in the past and people always had some cousin or friend they knew do work for them. It would go badly and they would call in an actual company to fix the mistakes made by the cheap guys.

I hate to say it but you are always gambling when you just give someone some money to have them work on a bike for you. Especially if you don't know them. And the internet is chock full of stupid assholes who will say anything for a buck. Its too bad that you found this guy on this site.

You probably could have used that money to buy some tools and make the bike yourself. And learned even more in the process than lessons on trust.

I hope you find some kind of resolve with this situation. One that doesn't involve any bodily harm to anyone. After all, its just a motorcycle. Its not like you can take it with you ...
Sorry to here that man. Better go and get your bike before he sells the parts or something.
All you will get from the courts is the fact that he owes you the money. They can't make him pay you. It will just put you out even more money.

Maybe you should take it to Judge Judy.
The court shows are probably the only route that will guarantee you get paid, as they pay you the money you are awarded. You ain't got many options, and if you are smart you will act quick to at least get your own bike back before he sells it.
Anyone else holding their judgement until they hear both sides of the story?

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