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….Or the joys of working on a ”Restored” motorcycle.
I took my new used 79 XS1100 on it’s maiden ride a couple weeks ago. Rode it about fifteen miles to my sister’s house and was showing it off when my nephew pointed out the cracks in the rear tire. Previous owner told me tires were old and I figured the price of new tires in the purchase, but I swear those cracks weren’t there when I started out. The other side was much worse and tread separation was imminent. Feel like a genuine dumb$#@&T for riding on them. Btw rear was 16 years old, front ten.
Anyway I take pictures of the tires so I don’t screw up ordering the wrong size. Rear is a 17” . When I call in my order the parts guy asks me if I am sure because it’s supposed to be a 16”. I go out, double check, and sure enough it’s 17”. Brought the wheel to the dealership because the parts guy was confused as I was. We concluded that the rear wheel was swapped sometime in the past.
New tire shows up and is mounted. I unexpectedly get charged for a tube and dealer points out that whee required one. Research shows dealer is right.
I started to put the rear wheel on and checked the drawing and find out I have a spacer that isn’t shown. Check all the drawings and yup, no spacer . Finally after much wailing and gnashing of teeth I find a thread about swapping rear wheels from a 16” to 17” where a spacer was needed for the conversion. Get ready to put it together and noticed the seal is shot.
New seal is on the way. I don’t know how the old one got mangled. Wrong size? Uff da.
”Good news” is that the weather has been lousy and will be for a while So hopefully I can get it together when spring finally shows up. Bike was restored at least twice before I got it. Powder coated frame, new paint, different seat. Engine ran great when I test rode it. Next time I buy an old bike I will do a better job of checking it out so I know what I have !


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No disrespect to PO, just an observation. He told me that someone had done a restoration previously To his working on it as the frame was powder coated before he got it. PO in my opinion is a cool dude and no disrespect was intended.
I am quite happy with the bike. I forgot to load a few items that came with the bike and PO shipped them to me at no cost. When I first saw the bike after a four hour drive in the rain I really didn’t listen well , just drooled and couldn’t get it home soon enough. Not the first time I did this with a motorcycle or a woman.
The seal in the wheel not what’s supposed to installed. And the seal is out of stock……


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Spent almost three hours on it yesterday. Poor lightin, a broken ratchet wrench, and failure to take photos before starting the job contributed to turning a relatively quick and easy task into a bloody knuckle marathon. That’s what I get for not bringing it to my workshop. Makes me appreciate my $100.00 second hand lift !
I found a used 78 axle assembly with the correct spacer. Should arrive Monday. Weather forecast looking better!