Jim's 1980 SG Miss September

Amazing what you can do with a cutoff saw... a welder..... and a sacrificial C Clamp. :whistle:

OK Jim, I'll bite. What the heck is it?

Part of your new engine hoist?
This has got to do something with the engine installation?:shrug:
Yeah, it's the tilt mechanism for the engine hoist fixture....
Here it is mounted to my dummy engine. I still gotta clean up all the sharp edges... paint... you know, all that OCD stuff


100% scrap metal. 'cept the clamp of course. But I still got a whole herd of them... ;)
Ready to Hang
Fitted the engine hoist fixture to the engine.... it fits.


Front mount attachment....


Rear mount....


Upper mount.....


And a couple of shots of the tilt mechanism.



Ready to lift!!!


Made entirely from scrap. Even the paint was leftovers from another project. I call it OCD Yellow :)
So.... here's the major sticking point. I've looked high and low for the better part of a week now, and I'll be damned if I can find the eng. mount bolts

I like that! Very creative. Do you have a wench mounted to your garage rafters?
Man I wish I had some method of removing the engine by myself. I’d really love to pull my motor from the frame but no way I can manage that. I’ve thought about an electric wench from H.F.
Great work as usual. By the way, you’ll find your bolts.......right after you replace them.
Nice work Jim! Man talk about attention to detail. You've even got grease fittings on that sucker!

Love the colour. Boy that engine looks purdy!
Thanks Bob. It's a 1 ton hoist.


Yeah.... it's overkill but my cherry picker is buried in the basement and I don't feel like diggin' it out.
By the way, you’ll find your bolts.......right after you replace them.
That's usually how it works... ain't it...:(
I'm guessin' that KS was thinkin' a powered 'tilt' mechanism....
MaxPete I have two of those types. One to lift a mower deck and the other drives the twine arms on a baler. It would not have occurred to me to use either as a lift. They are both fiddly to work with. But I ain't saying it won't work.