Made my own swingarm chainguide


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After raising the rear 25mm the chain was draggin on the swingarm, i searched for a chainguide but could not find anything, so i made my own. It is cut from a solid 30mm piece of plastic/nylon using only ordinary tools like hacksaw and drill. It took me 3 hours.




I feel you, hand tools really make you invest yourself into the part. nice work.
My motives for doing so were different as I'm running an 18 tooth front sprocket and the chain is very close to the shifter rod, but I was thinking of doing something like this just the other day-- now I know another way.

I was also pondering a roller of some sort, perhaps a skate board wheel that hangs just above the swingarm.

Being that your bike is raised there probably isn't room for a roller.
I remember seeing non roller guides on dirtbikes, where chains may run loose and there is a ton of travel in the swingarm. The material used was either a highly wear resistant plastic or material similar to brake lining. It's been a long time ago, so not sure of the exact deal, but it was located about like yours.
I`d like to see this. Could someone please post a real pic. Thanks.
You can see the pics if you don't mind jumping through a few photobucket hoops (and massive amounts of pop-up ads). There's really not much to see though. This isn't a chain guide but rather just a plastic protection pad strapped to the top of the swingarm.

Right click on one of those "3rd Party Hosting" images above. From the drop down menu, select "View Image Info". Copy and paste one of the 3 photobucket links into a new window. That will show you the same image as above but above that on the left will be "Uploaded by .....". Click on his name and it will take you to his albums. Look in the "XS 650" album, last 3 pics. Like I said, not much to see.
Thanks 5twins. Since I`m a computer idiot I`m pretty sure I can mill one from a chunk of nylon faster than I can see these pics. I need something for my Radian swing arm on the scrambler project.
I always thought a Harley primary chain tensioner shoe would work well in this application. Never tried it but the material would be tough as hell since that's what it's designed for.
I've used a piece of slider from a snowmobile track that I drilled and threaded onto the swinger. Countersink the screws, Locktite. And by all means don't tighten the screws too much in that piece of plastic.