XS650 Ignition timing revisited - Are we too advanced?

MMM from 650 central tells a story about a flat track racer that ran a complete season with no oil to the top end.
When I rebuilt the top end, I had the feed tube off and didn't notice any obstruction. I put tape over the hole to keep out crap but I didn't really look in there for sealant.
I plan to do the "remove the banjo bolt" idea as a first step. If there little or no flow, that feed tube fitting would be a good second stop.
After that I guess I'll remove the right engine cover and poke at the oil pump.
At the same time I'll be fiddling with the carbs. It's just that today is my girlfriend's day off so probably won't get serious til tomorrow.
I come once again, looking at the floor, shuffling my feet, hat in hand.

Because of your suggestions I have poked at my oil pump and found the key that secures the pump shaft to the drive gear is missing. Are replacements available? Is it a standard metric size?
See attached pic (small tach drive gear removed but I have it)


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I would guess it's metric. Have you looked inside yet? If the PO left the woodruff key out, there's a good chance he left the inner gear drive pin out also.
Fwiw.... I was hoping I was wrong. :banghead:

Here's the dimensions. You should be able to find or make one from these.

Is this the inner drive pin? Thank you for the dimensions on that key!!
I'm headed to a great little hardware store we have in town. It's old school and has everything!
Including plenty of staff and every single one of them knows how to help! I seldom go to home depot even tho it's closer and cheaper


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Yes, that's the drive pin. I had a hardware store near me like that once. Lowes and Home Depot showed up.... 6mo later they were gone.
So, who's gonna buy that 25 pack from McMaster-Carr and sell them to us for a dollar a piece, lol. Jim, have you measured and looked for a rotor key?
Well, not to be a downer, but a forum member did just that a few yrs back. Don't remember who.
Fresh top end... new cam and rockers. He made one mistake... left the drive pin out of the oil pump inner gear. For about 200 miles he fought valve adjustment issues until he tore the motor back down. Cam and rockers were roached big time. It was @GLJ that pointed out to him the discoloration meant oil starvation. You remember who it was Greg?
Jim for the win!